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  • So, I have my order your season ticket now appointment on Friday at 1pm.

    BiL (group leader) was called by the club this morning to say what we’ll need (which was a 25% deposit!).

    However, what it was really about was to say “we can offer you comparable seats, however, they are now band 3. But you’ll be paying less than you are now”.

    So its effectively a forced move to band 3, otherwise our view will be worse.

    This, of course, was not what I was told at countless SAB meetings. However, I've yet to find a fan (and I have been looking) who is unhappy with their allocation post appointment.

    I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
  • Suz - remember if there are people in your group that are not in the BML or TBL at the moment they will not be able to sit with you unless you all go upper tier all together like we had to.
  • More stuff on the design/branding:
    “The new designs further add to those we announced earlier this year, which will see ‘West Ham’ spelt in the new ‘Kop’ style East Stand, a claret crossed hammers design adorning three stands and claret and blue featuring inside and outside the new Stadium.
  • West Ham will have to make extra payments if they finish in the top 10 of the Premier League. The contract also states they have to pay an additional fee if they win the FA Cup or qualify for the Europa League or Champions League.
  • May the extra payments be prolific ;wahoo
  • The LED wrap has been approved aswell ;ok
  • Season tickets purchased ;wahoo

    West Upper - band 4 - banging view.

  • A rough approximation.

  • Suz,that is the Dogs ;wotsits ;thumbsup ;hug ;scarf
  • LOVE IT ;thumbsup ;scarf coyi
  • Looks similiar to where I am going to sit ! Glad you are happy with your tickets ;scarf
  • Over the moon, as they say, PLF.
  • Very close to the moon looking at that picture. You would have seen plenty of the ball during that big chaps reign.................... ;biggrin
  • Must be something wrong with that picture, by the size of those goal posts it looks like they have stretched it a bit ....... or have they been adjusted to ensure our strikers will get the ball in the net rather than over the bar.... ;whistle

    By the way, have they got them little holders with the bino's on the back of the seats in like you get in the theatre........ (suggestion for the SAB maybe?)
  • I am not a st holder but i am a member so i am on the priority list.If i am unlucky not to get a st because of over subscription, do you think there will there be plenty of tickets left for members and for general sale.?

  • mike

    Hard to say.

    I'd guess it will end up somewhere similar to the current availability.

    There could be 40 000 STs + 3 000 away seats. There's about 3 500 corporate seats

    Which would leave 7 or 8 000 for general sale.
  • Season tickets will only be sold in Bobby Moore, West and East stands.

    Away fans get the corner of the Trevor Brooking where it joins the West Stand. 5% for league and 15% for cup games.

    Members and general sale tickets will be in the rest of the Trevor Brooking. Or if any odd seats remain in the other 3 stands.

    As of yesterday (11.12.15) 20,000 season tickets have been sold.

    They are selling season tickets in blocks next to the last block sold and will not leave single seats between season ticket holders.

    The Bobby Moore and Trevor Brooking stands have swapped ends.
  • The thought behind no season ticket holders in the TB is ST holders don't have to be moved if the seat allocation is extended.

    Away fans segregation is either 500 or 5000. Same as at UP.
  • Suz - great news in your ST - we are coming over for a family wedding in Sept so I am really looking forward to visiting the stadium.

  • With luck we could arrange the first 606 beano at the new stadium
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    It's a date Chicago ;ok
  • This was my computer generated image from my seat. My nephew took a cheeky photo when he shouldn't have!!

  • I still haven't had my email saying when my appointment is I have emailed them and they haven't got back to me, a few people who stand around me haven't either so that makes me feel a little better.
  • Looks like you are to our left Trev.

    Putney, appointments run into Feb so it shouldn't be too long.
  • Where is the trevor brooking stand in the stadium and what band is it?.

    i can only find stadium plans with the numbered bands on them but no named stands.
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    Bands 2,3 & 4 available in the TB but as I've said they will be for members and general sale, not season ticket sales.
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