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Dimi Payet; the Epilogue

Jack Sullivan @jsullivanwhu
Sadly payet will be out for about 3 months! Huge miss for the team. How the Everton player didn't get sent off amazes me!! #COYI


  • Any update on DP's injury? We'll need him in our next match, hope he will recover soon...

    Payet out for three months according to KUMB ;hmm
  • Gutted.

    Would've rather lost to Everton.
  • But on the OS his dad said at 4pm that we will know in 24 hours. If it is 3 months then that is going to hurt us big time.
  • Any club losing a player of his quality would be massive. He's borderline world class.

    ;wave top 6
  • edited November 2015
    We only need 17 more points to avoid relegation anyway... Should be OK... ;weep
  • Keep the faith with the Beard. He will have a plan. ;ok
  • Gutted. Was a disgusting challenge.
  • Some comments from their forum:

    ''Hopefully the little jarg midget has snapped his knee in 64 places and never plays again.''

    ''It wasnt even a foul.''

    ''Should have hit the ****** stepover *** harder.''

    ''Best thing he's done this season is that tackle on Payet. About time someone stuck a foot in like that, just let's the opposition know they are in a game and he did it to their most dangerous player.''

    There's loads more like that too. What a scummy club
  • I look forward to the next time we meet them
  • I'd re-sign Nolan just to clobber him in the rematch.
  • This news makes me feel ill and Everton ;angry
  • I look forward to the next time we meet them
    Wish we were playing them next week.

    Just play Ginge, Reid, Ogbonna, Antonio, Kouyate centre mid and just go after him
  • Celebrating by taking your shirt off gets the same punishment as that challenge... Football is messed up
  • JD, put on some boots mate, you are on.
  • That's about right, let's slate Everton for being dirty and then say it's ok for us to go and clog them ;doh
  • if we have the same ref, I cant see a problem in clogging them back. Their wont be any yellow or red cards.
  • season over without payet :(
  • We just have to rediscover our form of the 1st half of last season. ;thumbsup

    Then he'll be back for the last dozen matches. We can go on an unbeaten run-in. ;biggrin
  • edited November 2015

    I feel like driving up north to give that Martinez a Chinese burn. ;angry
  • Gutted for Payet, not only shown great quality but a good attitude also. He will be missed, but we have a strong squad and with Song coming back, it will mean subtle tinkering than wholesale changes. IMO we could also potentially see Antonio come into contention if we change to a 4-3-3 with out and out wingers. Interesting to see what Super Slaven decides to do ;thumbsup
  • edited November 2015

    I feel like driving up north to give that Martinez a Chinese burn. ;angry
    Drop me off at McCarthy's house will you Suz ;wave
  • We are not a one man team.

    Lanzini can take over as the playmaker.

    Song back too.
  • Twist

    It will he my pleasure ;devil
  • Let's hope its 3 months worst case scenario. I just don't want to miss 3 months of watching his style skill and panache. I can live without the points, we ain't going down. ;ok
  • We've lost Payet !
    Dimitri Payet !
    I just don't think I understand !
    He got wiped out Saturday ! a scan confirmed today !
    We've lost Dimitri Payet !
  • Iam not saying we are a one man team but its like a orchestra without its conductor,he is our creative spark and everything good we do he is involved in,its like Barcelona without Messi or Real Madrid without Ronaldo,a vital cog missing,he has a major influence in games and has been our stand out player so far this season,WELL GUTTED.
  • We've struggled to create at times with him in the side, let alone without him.
  • I'd re-sign Nolan just to clobber him in the rematch.
    If I was allowed to put the kit on, I'd do it for you, and for free.
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