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The Boleyn Arms - Wonderful Wednesday


Welcome to The Boleyn Arms - a West Ham United virtual public house, and a West Ham Institution.

Now in our new home on WHU 606, this is a pleasant hostelry is open for Hammers/Irons to discuss matters relating to football, West Ham United or anything else.

WUMs are barred from this establishment, although friendly fans of other clubs are welcome to come in and enjoy the claret and blue atmosphere.

Please do not deface the pictures of players past and present, that adorn the walls in this establishment (and that includes the one of Jimmy Neighbour, R.I.P.) As with the rest of this site, have fun but please avoid anything racist, sexist, homophobic and any comments that promote negative racial or cultural stereotypes, whether said in jest or not.

Please also bear in mind that users of all ages are on this forum. Therefore please refrain from any content of an adult nature or anything unsuitable for users of all ages.

So come in and join us, as we enjoy another Premier League season and our journey under Messrs. Gold, Sullivan Brady and Norman Wisdom continues onwards and back up where we belong!

In previous opening periods of this thread, originally established on BBC 606 by V8Iron under the title "Let's all sign up to this" on the 17th May 2007, we have now achieved postings totaling 139,539 (BBC 606 total) + 171,950 = 311,489 and counting.

On March 8th 2013 the 250,000 milestone was passed with a post by Woosie. Well done Woosie and all who have contributed to this Hammer's Institution since May 2007 - Well done guys!

On the weekend of 12th/13th April 2014 with the posting of the 35th comment The Boleyn Arms have passed our post total on BBC 606 well done guys V8 would be proud!

Now entering our eighth year, it gives me great pleasure to re-dedicate this plaque. To those who on BBC 606 defended this place through the deadly days of the Spring and Summer of 2007 .... their names will however live on here forever; though some are lost to us now:
VEight Iron
Half-Egg Half-Biscuit
Spanish Hammer

In memory of absent friends ;poppy


  • Morning all ;wave
  • Freddie Parrot face Davies ;wave
  • Whu oooooo spong dong diddly ;cake ;wave
  • edited October 2015
    Portland Bill
  • Bling it up baby....

  • Bangin ;ok Ruislip city limits ;bowdown
  • ;wave ;coffee

    Happy οχι day. Just say NO! ;biggrin
  • A wet start to the day so.....sorting through 15 months of receipts in prep for my tax return....oh the excitment never stops... ;doh
  • Slippers are officially out of summer storage.

    Winter draws on. ;weep
  • ;puzzled

    Clarification required Mrs G, l assume you mean that winter is almost here


  • ;wave Ain,t stopped raining here all morning,i went up the shops and bookies and popped in my local café for a full English breakfast,i thought I would treat myself ;biggrin Off out tonight up my social club for Cards and Banter and I might have a couple of Voddys with diet coke,i,ve got giant meat balls with parmesan mash in a rich tommy sauce for dinner tonight,bought it in the co-op,thought I would give it a try ;thumbsup
  • Nice and warm here in Langdon Hills, just walked the dog in my shorts...(they are miles too big for her). ;biggrin
  • Afternoon mon compadres.....hows everyone trucking...reason for my absence from the daily diction fray..apart from not having a PC in the rail my railway project in the newly acquired Summerhouse(after a convincing argument with Mrs Ironduke, pointing out the pros and cons) which leads one to ask if anyone has any train stock HO/OO scale they wish to sell, lookng chiefly for electric black engines, but also wagons, trucks and flatbeds....and no I dont want Thomas the tank engine and kin..
  • Duke, are you looking for anything specific like Hornby Dub?
  • Howdy podners ;cowboy
  • Hello chap ;wave has it stopped raining in the Lone Star State yet?
  • Indeed it has Sire Wombat ;ok Last weekend about 11 inches of rain fell where I was, which happened to be camping at a music/art festival in rural Texas. I seen some mud in my time, and most of it was on Friday and Saturday. Almost every single car had be towed out of the mud by a tractors - 'cept mine and my girlfriend's ;thumbsup
  • Like a Texan Glastonbury ;star Camping in torrential rain, let me think about that?.........
    Nope, I won't be joining you in that one, I don't like torrential rain, and I have never quite understood the whole camping thing. ;hmm
  • Afternoon Campers...

  • Oooh Wombat. I get ya. I never used to 'get' camping either, but I've had so many fun and hedonistic experiences camping in Texas and now I'm kind of addicted. This weekend it helped that I'd just bought a new, huge and hi-tech canvas tent, that was big enough in which to hold a party for seven people on Saturday night and kept out all of that rain. The toughest part was clearing out all the wine bottles and beer cans in the morning!
  • Evening Austin ;wave
  • Ello East ;wave
  • Now that is my sort of camping! Add central heating, nice warm bathroom , and no bugs and creepy crawlies and I'm in. ;biggrin
  • Oh and a tip: if you're going to be camping in the far reaches of a meadow that turns into a quagmire during historic rains, its useful to have a girlfriend from New Zealand who knows how to use the 400ft of rope that you happen to have with you to tie wood to the tyres of your truck (kind of like snow-chains) in order that you waft past all the other cars that are stuck in the mud ;clap ;bowdown
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