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The Managerial Merry-Go-Round (22.05.17 Moyes quits as Blunderland Manager)

So,Pearson is this season's Pulis. Gone before the season starts. ;nonono


  • Makes you wonder how they can sack someone at this point.

    It's not like results are going against them. Or he's failed to meet his targets.

    If they've fallen out over transfer policy, is that grounds for sacking your manager?

    If he's not happy about targets being set for next season .. again, is that a sackable offence?


  • Wasn't his som recently sacked from the club?
  • edited June 2015

    About 2 weeks ago, with 2 other players (who have since got contracts at other clubs).

    The Beeb report refers to it, but says it doesn't know if it is relevant. I think they just want the chance to say 'racist sex tape' again. ;doh
  • If the cap fits Mrs G, if the cap fits.
  • edited June 2015

    I can see there being some link.

    Maybe Pearson was unhappy he was sacked, said something to the board?

    I would think you're son getting sacked when you're both at the same organisation would make your position slightly awkward. Almost like you're not backing your son by carrying on working for the club?

    It makes absolutely 0 sense otherwise.
  • edited June 2015

    Nothing wrong with telling your kid they messed up, imo.

  • edited June 2015
    But Pearson Snr can be a bit abrupt and in the transfer window if he doesn't get his own way.... He was allegedly sacked earlier last season so perhaps he was on at the last chance saloon
  • Maybe he wanted to reinstate his son ... or the owners wanted him gone as this was the final straw after some of his behaviour last season.

    I love a good bit of speculation ...

    Cue Mr Sam Allardyce to take over.
  • IronHerb, I'd forgotten about the sacked/unsacked last season.

    Owners sound a bit #erm

  • Sam for Leicester is a quite conceivable imo
  • Sam for Leicester is a quite conceivable imo
    If so, then hopefully he will contain and try and hold out for a point when we play them at the King Power
  • edited June 2015
    "It has become clear that fundamental differences in perspective exist between us."

    Let's look at their transfer dealings so far in case that's a factor. Not a lot so far.

    Huth (was on loan to them) now signed on a perm. Aged 30. 3 year deal.
    Shinji Okazaki (Japanese striker).Aged 29. 4 year deal.
    Schlupp signed new deal - aged 22, had signed for 3yrs last summer; now re-signed for 4.


    And prior to this window.

    Last summer: Leonardo Ulloa (Brighton, £7m), Tom Lawrence (Manchester United, £1m) Danny Simpson (QPR, undisclosed). Frees, Esteban Cambiasso Matthew Upson, Marc Albrighton ,Ben Hamer, Jack Barmby , Louis Rowley, Kris Scott. Loan: Nick Powell (Rowley + Upson released this summer)

    January - Huth on loan, Shwarzer on a free. Andrej Kramaric £7m.

    What does that tell us? Not spending much dosh? Not spending wisely?

    tbh I'm amazed they stayed up.

  • Alladyce to Leicester, Nolan his first signing ;whistle
  • Mrs G....for me it was more luck than judgement they stayed up.

    They got on a great run after the 3-4 loss to Spurs and never looked back, that's what confidence, self belief and momentum does for you.

    However, they can't keep relying on that, the owners said they'd spent up to 170m while in the PL, absolute guff so far. I personally believe he wanted more money to get some names instead of having to search around for freebies and risky transfers.

  • I suspect you could be right. I wonder if the owners were desperate to stay up last year, until the TV money increased (and hence parachute payments) and were then sanguine about relegation.
  • Then hit the button!!!

  • edited July 2015
    Sam to Leicester eh? I wonder who our first home game in the prem is against? ;whistle
  • they saying bbc that it was to do with his son
  • lol it would be typical if Sam takes over and then beats us in his second game.
  • Neil Lennon a favourite for the job...least on twitter!
  • edited July 2015
    lol it would be typical if Sam takes over and then beats us in his second game.
    Wouldn't be THAT much of a surprise would it?


  • If Sam cups his ear and SB cups his beard that would mean

    ;quaver There's a whole lotta cuppin going on ;quaver

  • I see the BBC/Mirror quote Hiddink as a candidate for the Leicester job

  • I reckon:
    Lennon > Leicester
    BFS > Bolton with Nobby
  • Tinkerman appointed Leicester boss
  • relegation written all over it
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