Game of Thrones ***will eventually contain Spoilers (assuming people wanna discuss it)***

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Whose up to date and fancies discussing the fall out?



  • up to date.

    my predictions for season 6

    -Jon Snow is ressurected by Melissandra (Red priest in season 3 resurrected Thorus so it can be done)

    -Khaleesi to march back to Mereen and wipe our Sons of Harpy with Dol Thraki army, after this is done she will head for Westeros

    -Sansa and Reek to head for the Iron Islands, Sansa makes a deal with Greyjoys and muster armies to wipe out the Bhultans

    -Breanne of Tar and Pod to make way to Castle Black

    -Sam Tarley to learn about Whitewalkers in Oldtown

    -Bran and Hodor to learn about Children of the Forest and expand Brans warg powers to control greater things (dragons)

    -Cersei to go on a rampage to cleanse Kings landing of all wrongdoings.

    -Tyrells to all be killed all 3.

    -Jamie Lannister to start a war with Dorne, Bron to be killed in a Heroic way.

    -Ramsey Bhultan to die trying to hunt down Reek and Sansa. Reus Bhultan to die.

    -Tyrion and Varas to learn about Sons of Harpy.

    -Jora Mont and Dario come to blows one will die. Jora mont to turn into Stone Man.

    -Little Finger to take control of the North after Bhultans are defeated by Sansa Stark and Greyjoys,

    -clash between Wildlings and Nightswatch, Whitewalkers to get to the Wall but will end season 6 before anything further happens.

    -Arya to develop powers and kill off another on her list and to leave Bravos at the end of the season.
  • I like a lot of that YeOld ;ok

    Which of course it will all go the other way ;lol

    I really want Jon to be brought back - his character has a very incomplete story IMO, especially the not knowing his parentage. And I agree he could be resurrected (maybe even Warging in to Ghost too), but worry it is all just wishful thinking.

    Love your Sansa and Reek and the Iron Born theory.

    Just out of interest YeOld have you read the books? (I havent)
  • Jon snow not a stark but a half brother to khalessi
  • I think he is half Stark, half Targeryan.

    My theory is that when Neds sister (Roberts Wife) was kidnapped by Rehgar Targeryan (as described by little finger to Sansa this season) she was raped.

    My guess is Jon is the result of that.

    I was well impressed with myself for coming up with it and then a mate of mine told me the theory is all over the internet!

    Tis why I am hopeful that he's not dead...cos I want to know if I (and lots of other people) am right!
  • not read the books but guy at work has and basically told me all the differences so its pretty much like i had read the book lol
  • Yeah I have one of them too!

    Odd we got to see the 'Siege of Winterfell' when it hasn't happened yet in the books. The show has either ruined the out come of that for book readers or the book is going to go a different way in that area! Or it isn't as over as it you think Stanis is dead? Everyone i have spoken to reckons he isn't either!!
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    ****BOOK SPOILER*** (if you are reading)

    Stannis is dead i think.
    Caitlyn Stark is resurrected and travels around with thoros.

    other than that the rest has kept with the books to a degree

  • Yeah, been told bout the Caitlyn Stark thing, was suprised the show haven't gone that route, but maybe it'll come next season...maybe she will be there to help resurrect Jon!
  • I thought book and seasons are levelimage
    I see this tho
  • Game of Thrones stars reportedly sign up for seventh season
    Actors including Lena Headey and Kit Harington reported to have negotiated huge salary increases in return for re-signing with HBO’s hugely popular show

    Among the show’s highest-paid actors: Kit Harington as Jon Snow. Photograph: c.HBO/Everett/REX/c.HBO/Everett/REX
    Guardian staff
    Thursday 30 October 2014 18.33 GMT Last modified on Thursday 8 January 2015 14.52 GM

    Game of Thrones looks set to return for a seventh season – netting its stars a bumper payday.

    The Hollywood Reporter writes that the show’s lead actors have renegotiated their contracts, which only covered six seasons of the show, to include an option for a seventh.

    In return, HBO has agreed to increase their wages to a level which will make them among the most highly-paid actors on cable television. The wage increase covers seasons five, six and seven.
    Yoooo nooo nothing ,,,,, jon snow
  • i do hope we start seeing some bad characters killed off seemed last season we saw a lot of good guys wiped out.
  • Yeah the Boultons have gotta go...and Walda Frey should get what is due to him too.

    I am assuming/hoping that the Wildlings will deal with the back stabbers on the wall!!
  • image
    Up the hammers
  • So this game of thrones, is it any good then? Is it worth watching?
  • I have been calling it the Messi of television.

    Breaking Bad, OITNB, House of Cards etc are all excellent, but IMO Game of Thrones is just on an entirely different level.
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    It's really good entertainment but not on the level of those (haven't seen Orange is the New Black).

    IMO Breaking Bad, House of Cards have way better plots, acting, scripting etc. Game of Thrones is just really good at building drama and using the shock factor.

    But yeah, wombat, it's probably worth watching. It kind of reminds me of the Lord of the Rings movies but with way more to it.
  • Each to their own I suppose. I enjoyed Breaking Bad but it is so over-rated. The characters are mostly dull and unlikely. Barely any of them are developed outside of the lead 2. Acting from some of the support members is really bad too.

    Game of thrones is on a scale like nothing else on TV, it is huge and challenging just to keep track of the different characters. I'm not keen on the over-use of shock factors, but visually it's brilliant. Also, some of the dialogue, usually by certain characters (Littlefinger, Tyrion) is excellent.

    It is reminiscent of LotR but yeah, a lot more complex.

    It's not my favourite show though, I have a few I hold in higher esteem.
  • Eski ;ok

    Actually, I actually agree about Breaking Bad. I think it was good but overrated. Have the same feeling about GOT, though you're right, the scale of it is something different. That's where it stands out; there can be a cliffhanger and they won't return to it in the next episode sometimes (maybe at the end) because of the scale of the world.

    With GOT, I think it relies heavily on Tyrion and Littlefinger (who do act well) but I feel like Danaerys, Cersei, nearly all of the Starks, are pretty weak actors.
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    I think Breaking Bad is excellent. Mainly because it's an original series. Produced from scratch with no books to template it on.

    I like the fact the characters are all unlikeable, because too often you get shows that create what are meant to be nasty characters, but they like to throw in loads of humour and get them cracking jokes every so often. One of my favourite characters was Gus, and he was meant to be the most despicable.

    Every moment of humour in Breaking Bad is funny but it's like an unintentional moment of humour. It doesn't look like a real effort is being made to make you laugh.
  • Luke - "Better Call Saul" is pretty good too
  • So does anyone else not want Jon Snow to come back?
  • ;kanye you better not be suggesting you don't want Jon Snow back.
  • Maybe he will be the first "Snow Walker"
  • I heard that he might come back as a Wight Walker.
  • Preston, there's a lot of theories, but we're level with the books so that's all they are. Personally I pray the theory of Melisandre bringing him back is true.

    I'm ok with all the other shocking deaths, but not this one. He's the only real hero left and there's so much more left to tell. Also, I don't buy that anyone else is an acceptable window for the viewers to see that part of the world through.

    Fingers crossed.
  • The thing is, there is a good chance he won't have finished the next book. If he hasn't finished the book, the tv series will be left in the hands of HBO and he said as long as it is entertaining, he is happy with that. According the last book, Jon Snow wasn't killed, he was stabbed. So not all is lost.
  • He was stabbed quite a lot !!
    Perhaps he'll get up like the Black Knight In The Holy Grail

    "Its just a flesh wound". ;biggrin
  • in the book he says "Ghost" though apparently (cant confirm since i have not read) as he falls which is why people assume he warged into ghost.

    I am looking forward to how Davos reacts after Stannis's death as well as Stannis daughter. I get a sense he could go full Psycho / be killed off as his story line which was around Stannis is over / evolves into a possible Nightswatchmen as an outside bet. I like his character but i think he will be one for the hangmans noose as his story was heavily entwined with anothers.

  • Outcast, I'm with Eski...I think the story needs Jon Snow back.

    With Sam off to the citadel there is no real 'person of interest' anywhere near the wall (and by extension the white walkers) to tell that part of the story around, and to be quite honest, if he stays dead I'm rooting for the Walkers vs the Watch anyway!

    Plus I think too big a deal has been made of his parentage to leave that unresolved, although I suppose he doesn't need to be alive for us to find out.

    That said, if Sansa, Ayra, Bran and the often forgotten Rickon all get juicy stories I might just forget about the non-Stark-Stark! In truth I just want them to get their revenge for Ned and the Red Wedding! Although I'd be happier if the revenge was led/orchestrated by Jon
  • I have an uber theory that Tyrion / Bran Stark / Khaleesi form a trimumverate force to deafeat the whitewalkers.

    Part Stark, Part Lannister, Part Targareyean. With Jon Snow as the main inbetween to defeat the Nights King.

    Bran wargs into Khaleesi's dragon Drogon is my best bet. As Khaleesi loses control of Drogon and Bran takes control to save Winterfell / Kings Landing form being burnt to a crisp. Khaleesi army then fights the whitewalkers alongside Jon Snow and the (good nightwatchmen) and Tyrion and the "free folk" of Kings Landing after he realises the freedom he can give after ruling over Mereen.
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