Official - some people can't let Sam Allardyce go (counselling available, reasonable fees.)



  • Richard Keys and Sam are best mates.
  • For reference, a bijou stat attack

    Per game averagePossessionTotal
    Short passesPass
    ShotsOn targetGoals
    Final ave 2014-1546.7%3626929374.612.941.16*
    After 8 games15/1646%378773017612.84.42.1

    * Goals per game after 8 games last year was 1.88
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    But he's going to get a kiss from the BML?
  • He is from me, if I can get across the pitch without being stopped.

    The rest of the ground I can not speak for.
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    suz, how's the fitness training going?

    #fasterthanaspeedingbullet ;run

  • Suze, this may help

  • ;lol Mrs G

    Its going well and I should be in top form by the time Sam pays a visit, no problem in out running the stewards ;biggrin
  • Suz - not sure about the kisses - but I'm sure the vast majority of us in the East Upper will applaud him warmly. We choose to remember what he did to get us out of the championship and keep us in the premier. ;ok
  • ;carew

    (And a cheery ;wave if Mrs Sam is looking in ;biggrin )
  • Ironmike, you don't need to join in with the kissing unless you want one too ;wink
  • Suze, this may help

    Oooo thank you muchly.
  • Suz - promises promises - not sure you would want to give an old bloke like me a kiss ........ But I usually have me two buff sons with me ;whistle
  • Oh Sam Sam
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    No away game to crow over this week but I know y'all are missing my pun captions so it's Sam Sunderland move instead today... ;whistle time to reveal

  • Sorry, baz, but that 2nd image just wasn't anywhere near OK.
  • Thank you Sam for what you did in your time at my club, I wish you well for the future, but I would be delighted to beat you, but I will never boo you. ;ok
  • ;thumbsup scared for life
  • It's the Sun for gods sake
  • Sorry, baz, but that 2nd image just wasn't anywhere near OK.
    When I composed I had the type of English baudy, double entendre humour I grew up with in my head. Apologies to everyone I offended...
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    No problem.

    If in doubt, think of the site as Mrs Miss Marple and tea with the vicar, as opposed to Saturday night in the public bar of the Dog and Duck.
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    PS - She's most definitely a Miss.
  • Good point, well made, but I was thinking of her mother... ;whistle
  • I find what Sam has said refreshing and shows he is respectable in that he is telling it like he finds it and not too bothered what we think. Not a kiss the badge type of bloke and I like that.

    What I would imagine he feels a bit peeved at is he is brought in to gain promotion and consolidate into a Premiership side and he does exactly that, and yet is left feeling under appreciated. He wasn't brought in to make us into a top 8 side and I think that is what Billic has been set as a goal in the short term. This is not what you employ Sam for and he wasn't. This is why Liverpool went for Kloop and Sunderland went for Sam, their needs and ability to recruit are different, as were ours when Sam was employed originally.

    Solid man and solid Manager, albeit with limitations with regard style of play and ability to attract high end players.

    I predict Nolan will go in and shape the spirit in the dressing room and Sam will have them clear of the bottom 3 (just) by Christmas.
  • and now the BBC says he wants Tomkins!
  • Not happening......

    He can have The Irish Messi (JOB) instead if he wants?

    And I wouldn't be surprised to see Amalfitano up there with him as well.
  • He'll go for Ginge. Nailed on.
  • Didn't Tomkins sign a new, long-term contract with us recently?

    He's a Basildon boy, he wouldn't survive up in the north east....
  • His agent is also Mark Curtis, Sam's agent.
  • Whose? Tonks" or JOB's? or both?
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