QUIZ: Remember the season of 86 ...................... sigh


  • i was at almost every game :)
  • 12 also.

    Ashamed to have forgotten Mark Ward and Geoff Pike.

    I remember Geoff's Panini sticker to this day.
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    i was at almost every game :)

    Me too, in the dark distant days of having a season ticket

    But if I remember correctly, the Newcastle game was rather good :biggrin:
  • Expat, I think this is for you...

    :fishslap: :angry:
  • Grey, would that be the one that you missed


  • What, the one where my mate Mac decided it wouldn't be much of a game, and we'd already been up and down from Reading a bunch of times in recent weeks, may as well give it a miss. That one? Why, I do believe you are right. I'd forgotten all about that...
  • I had tickets for AC/DC and decided to go to the game instead :)
  • I managed 13, interestingly I would have got all but one were they showing photos as I have no idea who the forward was fourth from bottom?

    I was also convinced Steve Whitton was in that squad, I typed in his name with three different spellings I was that convinced.
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    I got 15.
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