Wolves (H, probably) Sometime over the weekend of 19-21 June

Following my last defeat against Oxford following a surprising six game run it's time for me to go again.

Wolves will be away to Olympiakos on Thursday so looking for the Greys to ensure a hostile atmosphere and a tough time for them. :biggrin:

I think Wolves have the opposite of our record of losing most points from a winning position by winning most points from a losing position. This means we will be two up at half time and the rest, well you know.......

Same starting 1X as for Arsenal but with Soucek in place of Nobes.

2-1 to the Hammers.



  • Win, just win please :pray: :sofa:
  • The Wolves game v Olympiakos is being played behind closed doors, herb. So I'll have to stand outside with a megaphone :-)
  • Whatever it takes MrsG, whatever it takes. :lol:
  • I think this game will come down to the subs. Moyes needs to take the initiative here that he didn't take against Arsenal. Wolves will have a bit of rotation and i imagine a few players like Jiminez might be introduced on the 60 - 70th minute mark. I think if Moyes times his subs right we could do some damage against Wolves.

    I think this is one where considering the sandwich Wolves find themselves in and with a fully fit squad at home. We need to be getting 3 points from this game.
  • From the Arsenal, Wolves, Spurs, Chelsea run of games, this one is the one I feared most. I fear their pace and physicality is just going to be too much for us. I’m hoping that Traore is injured :whistle:
  • This could end 4-4
  • Traore is a player we missed out on big time. If he’s involved on any level we are in trouble. Apart from that feel good about this.
  • My sense is that Wolves don't rotate much, even when they have Europa games, but that their players still seem very fit and strong and not fatigued.

    The Europa League doesn't seem to have adversely affected their performances at all.

    I think this is a tougher game than either Arsenal or Spurs.
  • We need something out of this game imo
  • Jorderz and Cuz I make you both right. Which is why imo we are for the drop.
  • Think my head says yes my heart says 60/40 chance in our favour, so I’m praying my heart wins
  • Cuz, I think you have got the odds the wrong way round, should be 40/60
  • I still don’t think we’ll go down, personally
  • Fabianski
    Ngakia - Diop - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Rice - Soucek
    Bowen - Antonio - Fornals
  • I like Luke's team but it seems such a shame that a player of Anderson's quality can't regain the form to justify a start. He surely needs to be given more game time even if it's only 30 mins off the bench probably for Fornals.
  • I'd find a way to get Anderson on and remove Haller. Maybe Antonio up top with Bowen Fornals and Anderson behind.
  • I am more than happy to end up with egg on my face but Antonio doesn't take enough chances to be left as our main striker! (IMHO)
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    Fortune :ok: But imo currently Haller isn't very good. Or at least doesn't work hard enough for the team.
  • Currently Antonio has more shots per game, 2.3, than anyone else. Bowen is next 2nd with 2 then Haller on just 1.9.

    Wolves' Raul Jimenez is 2nd top for shots in the Premier League with 3.4 (Salah is top with 3.8), Diego Jota is 2.4 and Traore just 1.2.

    However Traore's top of the Prem for dribbles 5.2 per game, 4th for assists with 7 and 5th for being fouled 2.3 per game.

    Fingers crossed he's still injured...
  • Am I missing something? Is Traore injured currently?
  • Traore's been listed as injured for a while but he hasn't missed any games. He hasn't really played a full game for a few weeks though.
  • We must be bad if we are down there with villa.I watched the game last night and villa were terrible.
  • Horrendous.
  • Perhaps you thought it was the Hammers that was playing, as the claret and blues were even worse than us. Also their 4-0 loss will certainly help us with their
    goal difference.
  • Our first baby should be born this weekend so hopefully she’ll be out by kick off on Sunday so we can watch the game together, gotta start them young :scarf:
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    Many congratulations Clacton. Don’t do to her what I did to my youngest son who wanted to support Liverpool when he was little. I talked him into being a hammer and he’s now a season ticket holder. I’m still doing penance. :biggrin:
  • Congrats Clacton.

    I was in a similar situation when my son was born in November 18. I've now decided I'll let him choose whether to support West Ham or not. I just can't force that level of pain and frustration on him.
  • Clacton, congratulations, but wouldn't it be better for her future mental well-being if you introduced her to Colchester Utd. instead, assuming you're based in Clacton that is :biggrin: . At least they've got a good chance of going up.
  • congratulations Clacton, hope all goes well. :champagne:
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