IT’S BACK ON! Manchester City v West Ham Utd (19th February) - Match Thread



  • I think it's a coded message. I'm seeing "Send help, stuck down well"
  • How bad has our season now got that I was relieved our game was called off on sunday????
  • I actually think this could be a major turning point for us. Two big defeats in a row would be damaging. Instead we gave time for the new players to settle
  • I just hope it’s not last game of season and we need to win to stay up. Can’t repeat 2007.
  • Game rearranged for Wednesday Feb 19th. Live on sky
  • So two big defeats in a row it is then.
  • I can't see Man City losing 2 on the trot. ;)
  • Wished they had asked me first ,Now I have to change all my plans just to get home and see us get thumped :whistle:
  • Was in Manchester on the 9th, but definitely won't make it on the 19th.
  • Yesterday the duty sheets went up, my rest days are Sunday 16th and Wednesday 19th.

  • Hopefully get as far as Northampton this time. :biggrin:
  • Away win.

    Citeh would have been rattled by the last minute cancellation.

  • I like your thinking Suzanne..
  • City are going to of had a nice rest :wahoo:
  • So have we and Diop and Ogbonna have had time to refine their Chuckle brothers routine.
  • How about trying 4 3 3 against City and Liverpool ? Match them in formation and give their defence a few questions ?

    Fredericks - Diop - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Soucek Rice Snodgrass
    Bowen Haller Antonio
  • We don’t look any more solid with 5 at the back, and we don’t we don’t have a threat, so may as well?!
  • Has to be a tight front three though. Which I don't see a problem with as long as the midfielders do a good job covering the full backs.
  • You look at the table and you think. This was like back in 2015 the chance to get to the Champions League....
  • and of course West Ham has to go and have one of the worst seasons in the PL
  • Moyes on Bowen

    "But I am also wary of putting the boys in too quickly. I have had lots of boys from the Championship in the past and I think it’s important that you put them in at the right time, the right moments, and we will just take our time and see when it’s right for Jarrod."

    Translation - Bowen on the bench tomorrow.
  • Take our time

    Basically got 11 games left of the season, but yeah let’s ease him in
  • Match day COYI

    Fredericks, Diop, Ogbonna, Cresswell
    Snodgrass, Soucek, Rice, Anderson
    Antonio, Haller

  • I hope I don’t hear any of the players mention ‘free hit’ in the lead up to this match today.

    A point takes us out the bottom 3 & victory takes us to 16th ahead of Liverpool.

    Not that I am expecting anything, but in our situation it is certainly not a freebie game, especially after throwing it away v Brighton.
  • In case it hasn't already been mentioned; Loss.
  • I bet we win, get a draw against Liverpool, and then lose all the rest of our games.
  • Lukerz said:

    A point takes us out the bottom 3 & victory takes us to 16th ahead of Liverpool.

    WHAT, we go ahead of Liverpool if we win :nonono:
  • I've been having a think about this and a few people have been saying, let's go with a front 3 of:
    Anderson - Antonio - Bowen

    Well if Antonio is going to chase down everything (like we want him to) but then end up coming off after 70 mins exhausted and replaced by Haller, I can only see a similar narrative to the Brighton game. Haller is going to get isolated and not chase in the same way Antonio does. Simply put, Haller isn't a good option from the bench. Therefore I'd like to see Haller start with Antonio. Then perhaps someone like Bowen could come on to replace Antonio if he wears himself into the ground.
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