The Moorowasmagic league minute game: H Brighton 01.02.2020 3pm

The Rules
Correctly guess what time the first :goal: is scored before kick off and win a :star:
Win more :star: than anyone else and you win the league :champagne:
IronHerb is our resident champion so get the same amount of :star: than him and you share the title.

Good luck everyone :luck:

Honours Board
Ace_of_clubs :star: :star:
Expat_Hammer :star:
Cuz1 :star: :star:
IronHerb :star:
Hammerex :star:

A bit of previous
2nd Jan 2019 (2-2) Stephens 56’

Posted before the Liverpool game of 29 Jan kicked off.
Edit 30.01.20 - no :star: awarded.


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