Other games 21 - 26 January

So 11 days after putting Anderson out for 4 weeks Besic launches another shocking tackle on Laporte. Still he plays for plucky Sheffield United so it doesn't really matter. :angry:


  • Results really aren't going our way, are they. We've got games in hand, but considering they're against 1st and 3rd in the league, I can't see us getting anything out of them.

    So every chance that by this tomorrow it'll only be goal difference keeping us out of the bottom three, but with Liverpool up next that could yet take a battering.

    Anyone still confident of survival?
  • We are in a serious spot of bother. Board still sitting on their hands.
  • I think we’ll survive, personally
  • I think we'll be fine..
  • The fact we are even having this conversation shows what a pathetic situation we are in.
  • We need to start showing some fight ( not literally )..
    We have seen very little so far, but from now till end of season, they need to be up to it, if not I'm certain we will go down, at the moment other teams are doing it, grinding results out.
    Starts today, over to you David,Mark and the rest...
  • alderz, Herbie,

    Out of interest, who do you think will finish bottom three? I think Norwich are one, but Bournemouth and Villa could take some confidence from yesterdays results and push on.

    My worry is that not only will we lost to Leicester, Liverpool (twice) and City, but that our goal difference will take a hammering which could be what ultimatey relegates us. Throw in games against Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal and we could be in big, big trouble.
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    Then there are the usual teams we bottle it against like Arsenal and Brighton for example. And the likes of Burnley who will more than likely out battle us when it comes to us both needing points.
  • OCS

    Before yesterday I’m sure Bournemouth fans were saying they couldn’t see where their next win would come from, where Wilson’s next goal would come from, and that they were hurtling down. One win changes a lot in terms of optimism and perspective.

    Southampton and Watford have both looked dead and buried this season too.

    I don’t know who’ll finish below us, but with 14 games to go and a very tight league, I think we’ll be fine.
  • If you want a laugh read a match thread on an Everton forum. How on earth did they throw that one away.
  • Brighton, Norwich and Villa for me.

    Norwich, Bournemouth, and Watford have still to play the top four, Villa and Brighton to play against three of them and Burnley two. So the fixtures are tough for all.

    In five games time we will have only Chelsea at home from the top four. Them Spurs and Arsenal are playing indifferently and so are not to be 'feared'. We have four of the bottom seven at home so it's in our hands. Finally I think we are improving, both in confidence and performance, and will continue to do so under the Moysiah and as players come back.

  • I think we will survive, however it is still going to go down as a desperately disappointing season
  • I think we will survive, only because the thought of the london stadium in the Championship is too scary to contemplate
  • i think our chances are as bad as any other, but slipping into the bottom 3 after the Liverpool game is going to be tough.
  • Being West Ham we're likely to be the only team to beat the scousers this year
  • :lol: more like the first team to get slapped for double digits.
  • There is no way we are beating anybody
  • Burnley beating Utd!
  • Norwich level with Spurs.
  • Norwich go level against the Spuds
  • Just turned channels to watch Jay Rodriguez score a screamer for Burnley’s second!
  • Five point gap between the bottom 6 and the rest! :weep:
  • We have not got strong enough players or a good enough team spirit on the pitch to get enough points to stay up with the games we have left.
    If we don’t get a couple of very decent players in then we are going to get relegated.

    There is just no proper leadership anywhere at this club. The club just gives you the impression that it is just drifting along and everyone just hopes everything will be alright but nobody is actually doing anything to improve things.
  • I agree about the lack of leadership and direction. But we do have good players. Haller was one of the better strikers in Europe last season, Anderson was excellent at times last year, we’ve said that Diop and Rice are worth 50 or 80 million, Fabianski is one of the best keepers in the league, Antonio is extremely effective, Fornals was an integral part of an excellent Spain U21 team, Lanzini has played for Argentina and has been wonderful in recent years.

    IMO, it’s mismanagement of the squad, and a lack of depth. We aren’t attempting to play a style that suits these players. Neither Pellegrini or Moyes have done this season.

    Moyes first game he set up very well, to the players strengths, had a game plan, dominated the game. Then he switched to a 5-3-1-1 because it worked 2 years ago?
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    Like you say Alders we are trying to play players in systems that don't suit them. Haller was one of the better players last season but was playing as 1 of 3 forward players.
  • On paper, we have something that can work:

    Reid Diop Ogbonna
    Fredericks Rice Wilshere Masuaku
    Haller Antonio

    Pace on the flanks. Support for Haller. Solidity at the back. Wilshere and Anderson able to link the midfield and attack.

    But you can see the problem; Fab, Reid, Fredericks, Wilshere and Antonio have missed so much football. Rice, Ogbonna and Haller have had to play every game without rest because the squad has no depth or balance.

    Until we get the infrastructure (top class training/medical facilities) and strategy (long-term scouting and transfer policy) of the club right, we will never progress. And our current owners have consistently demonstrated that they can't provide either.
  • Wolves giving Liverpool a teal game.
  • Liverpool win again ,Looks like its up to us to beat them :whistle:
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