Streams for Everton v West Ham - today 12:30 UK ko (BT Sport 1)

Normally, you can find out where (or whether) a game is being broadcast either here:

or here (searchable)

Getting started with streams:

Showing on: Bein 2/11, DAZN, NBC SN, BT1, Sport TV2

Kodi add ons

For me, atm I only find Rising Tides to be any use.


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Flash / browser links

To watch Flash streams on Android, you can use the Dolphin or Puffin browsers. Puffin has the advantage of having a built-in ad blocker.

Lots of streams listed on Total and Soccerstreams are not currently working - may come on nearer KO, or all be waiting for one source to come online. The following were working at time of posting:

Due on here: (NBC) (Sport TV) (NBC) (NBC)

NOTE - NBC Gold streams may end up showing a different game, or you may have to give it a minute to switch over.

Additional links here:

Ignore the title of the page. They clearly do this to obfuscate the fact they are posting links.

Just go to the page and pick your stream. the links with ticks have been pre-checked to ensure they are working. F1live and Dubailive are long established and usually reliable.

For other games, simply visit the site and do a search for a team. The game thread is normally available around an hour before KO.

Additional links here:

Typically, links available from 30 mins prior to KO.

This is another option for links:

Be careful! Ignore any links in comments; these are always spam.

Streams occasionally freeze, but refresh sorts it out most times. Most streams have alternative options at the bottom of the screen (the numbers) Links go up around 30 mins before ko.

Note, if you got to a streaming page, any message like 'Free server is full. Please donate.' is simply an ad. As is any kind of 'Flash player is outdated' notice.

Sites like the above are aggregate sites: they don't host streams, just list links to other sites. As such, the quality/ad intensity will vary from link to link.

PLEASE - be aware that some of these links may be ad-heavy, and may simply use the sources listed above, embedded in their site.

You NEVER need to install any extra software or pay - if something says you do it is spam or an ad.


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