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Just glimpsing the Champo game tonight. It's proper chucking it down in Cardiff.


  • Hopefully Spurs will carry on losing so they can slide deeper into turmoil. Just saying
  • Sorry Baz, for me that is no consolation whatsoever...Each to their own though.
  • VAR is wonderful isn't it, awarding the spuds a handball goal :angry:
  • VAR certainly played a massive part in results this weekend so far.....Personally think they got the Spurs goal correct & The no goal from Burnley from Wood, was a foul on Evans...but it is very frustrating IMO...
  • Sorry Baz, for me that is no consolation whatsoever...Each to their own though.

    Just looking for a positive after our loss, thats all :lol:
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    Klopp freaked out, how lovely...X2!!!
  • Even crosser now.
  • Klopp freaked out, how lovely...X2!!!

    Yeah, I'm loving it too. VAR involved in both and they both went against him :lol:
  • Just glad it wasn’t this ManU team that turned up for our game.
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    Old red nose was in the crowd so the VAR man had to go in his favour.

    But even Gary Nev says it wasn't a goal. But as it has really wound up Klippy Klopp :lol:
  • Klopp = Whingebag :whistle:
  • Klopp = Whingebag :whistle:

    Don't let Baz hear you say that :lol:
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    Expat, Baz only needs to have watched the match to witness Herr himself carry on :lol:
  • But Klopp has every right to whinge because it was an obvious foul.
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    No way has to be an obvious MISTAKE, that's the difference :whistle: ..that is the rules, not?...& no way was it an obvious mistake.
  • IronHerb said:

    But Klopp has every right to whinge because it was an obvious foul.

    There was the slightest bit of contact, and he threw himself to the ground. Not very obviuous in my book.
  • fair play for the equaliser.....
  • fair play for the equaliser.....

    Shocking defending tbh
  • Whatever anyones personal opinion of Klopp, you can see he inspires his squad, they buy into his methods and there's an obvious bond there. His passion is also there for all to see. I wouldnt mind a bit of that from Pellegrini....
  • Oh and if that foul on Origi was Daniel James instead, he'd have been out cold for several minutes :lol:
  • Sorry but he put his leg , from behind, through Origi's legs and kicked him on the shin. I was always under the impression kicking someone was a foul. Hey ho.
  • IMO it was a foul that is given all the time (plus through the back of someone usually gets the decision). Rashfords off the ball movement and shift in the box made the goal though
  • Regardless of whether it was a foul or not it’s always going to happen whilst the PL and FA decide that they’re special and use VAR different to every other country using it.
    Our use of VAR seems to focus on trying to agree with the refs decision making unless it’s a obvious blatant error.
    I bet at the end of the season they’ll be claiming that VAR proves our refs decision making is about 98% accurate.
    There were instances at Spurs, Palace and today that abroad would have resulted in decisions being overruled.
    So far this season there has not been one penalty awarded by VAR and the De Bruyne one was stonewall nor has the ref been advised to view the monitors which are actually available.
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    IH/Baz, regardless if it's a foul or not the ref has NOT made an obvious error, that is obvious to me, some people here/pundits on TV think it was, some don't, so this is not an obvious error, not everyone agrees. Hey ho IH....& Baz, I agree that Klopp is passionate etc, I still just can't stick him, each to their own. Best of all tho is 2 points dropped by Liverpool.
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    I wasnt ranting (at the time or after the game) re the foul and whether it was an obvious error. Once its done its done whether it was obvious error or not. I have West Ham to stress over :lol:

    I see it as a point gained ;) :whistle:
  • Liverpool enjoyed the benefit of one or two glaringly obvious refereeing decisions at our ground last season which certainly were clear and obvious. So I’m not overly sympathetic to them for yesterday even if Man U were the beneficiaries.
  • Mike Dean being all Mike Dean.
  • See those pesky blunts are getting ready for us :whistle:
  • We’re in the bottom half. Better start looking over our shoulder.
  • We're in trouble on sat
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