Injury and Recovery News for the 2019/20 season

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    "Injuries for this week (Watford) - we have just Winston Reid. Everyone else is fit."

    says Pelle.
  • I get the feeling Reid is done as a player. Going to be on the wage books a while though.
  • I think that if he doesn't come back this season, or if he gets injured again, he'll retire and move into coaching here instead.
  • That would be quite generous of Reid, to forgo his more-than-decent playing wages.
  • I'd be surprised

    Hes only 2 years into a 6 year (6 YEAR!!!) contract that apparently nets him around £70k a week

    I dont think retirement is an option when you could still (potentially) earn about £10mil on his contract
  • The reason there's no Chicarito in the squad for Watford:

    "Javier [Hernandez] has a problem in his knee, from one of the last training sessions in the week. He couldn't recover 100 per cent for this game."

    Sounds minor.
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    Everton have suffered a major injury setback as £25m summer signing Jean-Philippe Gbamin could face three months on the sidelines with a thigh injury.
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    "Michail Antonio - we will see tomorrow. We had to give him 48 hours for an MRI. Javier Hernandez has recovered from his small knee injury from last week." (from today's press conference)
  • OK i'll keep my mouth shut from now on. Sorry, sorry... :doh:
  • Is there any official news about Antonio?
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    C+H saying Antonio could be out for 5 months :weep: :weep: :weep:
  • What are they basing that on?
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    It's OK, I looked it up :ok:

    A senior club source speaking to Claret and Hugh by Email this morning confirmed what most had already feared.

    Antonio will undergo an operation for a grade three hamstring and is likely to be out of action for between four and five months.

    tbf it always looked a serious one.
  • Mrs grey ,yes it really did look bad real shame for him and us :hug:
  • With West Ham it typically ends up being longer.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see him before March
  • Shame will be a big miss.
  • looking at the Physioroom rough times for Bournemouth
  • Winston to play with the U23s tomorrow night v Boro and Sunday 29th v Sunderland.
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    Winston wasn't even on the bench last night (we won 4-3).

    The game was played at Bishop Auckland FC so maybe he misheard and is on his way back to New Zealand.
  • I can’t see him ever being the player he was and would doubt how much game time he as left

    #notjustus (to the power of two) as Richard Keogh is out for the season after sustaining a knee injury in a car crash (car driven by another player) following a team-bonding night out. (Player arrested for drink-driving.)
  • Why are two players drunk crashing into each other on a night out beggars belief
  • Specially as they refused club transport. Stupid boys.
  • For Tom Lawrence my derby supporting friends say read ravel Morrison
  • Cuz1 said:

    For Tom Lawrence my derby supporting friends say read ravel Morrison

    I don't know what your mates are on about?

    Derbyshire Constabulary issued a press release naming the people who were arrested. They specifically identify Tom Lawrence.
  • Sorry MrsGrey didn’t mean to imply it was ravel meant similar characters in with the wrong people
  • Oh, I see!!

  • Sorry I should have been clearer really it’s the Italian in me as my mother used to say
  • Hamstew said:

    Ex said Lanzini is out for a month

    Don’t bother with Ex anymore, just listen to me :biggrin:

    From the beeb:

    Manuel Lanzini returned to work with the team in the last three or four days. He doesn't have any pain in his feet.
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    He's back :wahoo:
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