First 6 games - Sunshine Superman or Season of the Witch?

Since there is a group of 6 games each year, I figured it made more sense to put them at the start, when form is not really known.

As always, this is NOT a prediction thread. The question is:

What is the minimum points total, at the end of this run of games, which would make you feel, that'll do?

10-Aug West Ham vs Manchester City
17-Aug Brighton vs West Ham
24-Aug Watford vs West Ham
31-Aug West Ham vs Norwich
16-Sep Aston Villa vs West Ham
22-Sep West Ham vs Manchester United

I'd want to see us with 11 at the least out of that lot.



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    pathman, you forgot this:

  • 11.

    No expectations for tomorrow, but would expect points from the other five games
  • I think that 12 is achievable, so will settle for nothing less, so there !
  • If this is truly supposed to be the season when Pellegrini’s strategies finally come together, we should see at least 12 from this lot. This allows for 0 points from Man City which is probable, and 0 points from Man Utd, which is the “West Ham slip up” that we have to factor in. Everything else should be 3 points.
  • 8-9 for me. It’s not as easy a start as I’ve heard people say it is. Only one home game from a team outside the top six.
  • 8 as a minimum

    Need to beat Norwich at home, and at least one away game. Then I'd be disappointed if we didn't pick up two points from United and the other two away games.
  • 10 would be fine for me but years of supporting West Ham tell me it will be less.
  • I think 8 or 9
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    I'm surprised at the single digits. We have two teams that were in the Championship last season and a third that almost ended up there.

    At some point we have to expect this club to step up. If we want the big boys to be 'looking over their shoulders', then we need this team to be aiming for a minimum of 11 points from these games. No more excuses; Pellegrini has been backed. Noble aside, we have no injuries. The manager and the players are talking the talk, so they have to now back that up.
  • Lukerz

    Bit surprised you'd accept quite so low a total.
  • I would like to think we can win one of the away games, but if you say what would I be happy with as a bare minimum, it would be 6. I would not be dejected if we lost to both Manchester clubs, would want us to beat Norwich at home, but the other 3 away games, a point away in the PL is always a decent result for me.
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    After tomorrow the other five games shouldn't be approached with any trepidation, so 13 as a minimum. If we are going to "walk the walk" we need to be winning these type of games.
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    Fair enough.
  • Anything above 8 for me would really do it for me COYI
  • I think people are, as I did, looking at our losing the bookend games so leaving us with four winnable. Given that newly promoted teams usually are really fired up and at it at 100mph. Brighton and Watford are in the norm teams we rarely do well against so I can see where Lukerz is coming from.
  • 12 it is. We're set up to win or lose, don't see many draws this year.
  • 10 would be good.

    Less would be not good.

    12 would be very good.
  • 11 points then. And we actually haven’t played that well (from an attacking point of view) in 4 of the 6!!!
  • don't see many draws this year....
    Hmmm, maybe a couple then...
  • Although I went 11, given the way the league is shaping up this year, and the wide range of results, I would have settled for 9.
  • You have to say it’s a great return, especially considering (as Baracks said) our attacking play has been a bit pedestrian and toothless for large parts of the season so far.

    I think we’ve got a really exciting season ahead.
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    So better than 'that'll do' :wahoo:
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