Arthur signs a contract extension


  • Arthur has signed a contract extension to 2024
  • 5 year contract fair play to him.
  • Makes sense, hes still only 25, he seemed to wrestle the starting LB position off Cresswell and can't imagine he's on big wages either

    We obviously don't have much cash available atm for big moves, so left back won't be addressed at least for a year
  • I think this is a good move.

    Ideally it would make sense to move Cresswell on over the next couple of years & then sign a better LB, all the while having Arthur as the longer term option.

    I think he is a very talented player. His consistency & focus is where he needs to improve but things like that can be coached into a player.

    As an attacking, technical, quick LB, he is up there with the best in the league. Just that concentration which lets him down defensively. With some good coaching that can be got rid of.
  • That's a bit generous Lukerz.
  • Maybe I should have said ‘potential’. But think he could be one of the best if he develops.
  • He has all the physical tools, I dont feel nervous when he is 1 vs 1 with a winger

    What does make me feel nervous is off the ball movement which he is very poor at predicting

    However I think while he can be upgraded hes good enough for the level we are at and isnt a 'pressing concern' atm
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    “Since I joined the Club, he (Pellegrini) is the first manager who I felt has helped me improve,” said Masuaku, with typical candidness.
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