Liverpool... Isn't it?

I know there are many of us here who love Liverpool and take a great interest in everything Liverpool. So I thought a thread with Liverpool stuff (daily trivia, news, facts etc) would be an excellent idea :thumbsup:

So, the first earth shattering fact.... Over a significant period of years, I have actually seen Liverpool play live more than West Ham :nonono:

Yes I know. Calm down, calm down ;)


  • Hot on the heels of that revelation... What to do about Fantasy Liverpol players next season :hmm:

    Will Mane be able to emulate last seasons tally and goals? He's a dead cert to go up in price (a chunk too).

    I assume Salah wont drop. Do we go for both alongside a defender?

    Who is best to pick? I'm guessing TAA will defo move up at least a million. Maybe Van Dijk at least .5M. Robertson probably the same.

    Even though his periodic rotation and a couple of injuries went against me (I started off with Robertson and sort of regretted selling him/bringing in TAA to save a million+ for other positions) last season, I still favour T.A.A.

    I think Mane will be too expensive so it may be Salah, TAA + another Liverpool defender...
  • :nonono: Dont like what i am seeing on here .If we cant swear then i think the word Liverpool should be outlawed as well
  • Close this thread please.
  • I know it’s all a bit of fun, but I don’t come to a West Ham forum go see threads about Liverpool. There are plenty of other websites that are devoted to that.
  • Baz, try as you might, methinks you will struggle to find many contributors to this site who would want to join you in that Liverpool closet of yours. :biggrin:
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    Naturally, the closet doors have been nicked
  • Baz have you tried Liverpool606 :whistle:
  • Or just the bbc sport website - plenty on there on a daily basis
  • Or I can give you the numbers of my Liverpool supporting mates? They seem incapable of talking about anything else
  • Firstly, I have a quirky sense of humour. I thought (in my head) it was funny to open up the thread. A stupid bit of fun for me over the summer until the new season started. I expected very few to read let alone comment.

    Secondly, I dont come on a west ham site to read about Brexit or Donald trump for example. But you know what, I just choose not to go on those threads (and any others I dont care to read). I dont actually enter the thread and decide, because I dont like it, that it needs to be closed.

    Its not hard to just avoid the thread (even the title shouldve alerted). I dont really care if its closed or not. But I do object to it being asked to be closed just because people dont like the subject matter (whether its a genuine or spoof or a bit of both liking of Liverpool) when they can just avoid it. Plus it doesnt break any site rules (as opposed to the few choice swear words I would rather have written for example)

    Lastly, I've been a die hard West Ham fan for a good deal longer than the majority of people here (since the early 70s!). So I'll carry on supporting West Ham OR Liverpool until I decide whether to or not.

    Just let me know what threads I'm allowed to start or comment on (that arent against site rules of course). I wouldnt want to ruffle any feathers....

  • Baz

    Don't know that you need to take it so personally.

    Anyone is free to start whatever thread they like (within site rules), but by the same token, others need to be free to say they don't like it.

    By all means, post away, but this time you may be walking alone...
  • We have cricket threads, golf threads etc ... they are all OK even though it's a 'football forum'. No reason to close this one.
    Ace of Clubs
  • Baz please keep opening any threads you like (apart from a spurs thread I draw the line there lol) I took it as a light hearted thread as I am sure most other people have . It is sometime hard to convey if people or being serious are joking but judging by the general tone on this website I think most people are joking/banter/humour so please keep posting !
  • I took it as personally as I imagine the people who went to the lengths to ask for it to be closed. Simple as that. I was over it as soon as I clicked send.

    As said above, I dont really care if it stays or goes

    However, my last post on it will be:

    Salah... Not getting the hang of throw ins still

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    I’m bringing back the Hippo Malarkey Hotel

    ( :wahoo: )

    We’re open for business
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    There is way too much hype, media love in and news about Hippos already. I would like to ask for the Hippo thread to be closed before it is opened.

  • Its a slippery slope first Hippos next it will be Llama's again !
  • :llama: Did you want something?

  • He looks a little allamad, is he OK :whistle:
  • bring back radio llama
  • Liverpool fans be like when the 'Tottenham isnt it' thread got opened

  • pathman

    Feel free to start a thread :ok:
  • Bring back Bernard Lama
  • You called?

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    Oh, wrong :llama:

  • McHammer said:

    Bring back Bernard Lama

  • Mrs G, that's the telephone version isn't it ............. Dial a llama

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