Pre-season Schedule and games

Since a couple of games have already been announced, we may as well have a thread for adding info as and when it becomes available.

So far (23 May) we know about:

11 July, match against SCR Altach (at the end of the 1st pre-season training camp in Switzerland)

17 July} Asia Trophy tournament with Man City, Newcastle
20 July} and Wolves, played in China.


  • We also play at Fulham, I think it’s 27 July
  • Wow we’ve made it to the semi final of the Premier League Asia Trophy. Good start to the new season :clap:
  • Think it's good we are playing better opposition than previous years

    Always feel it's a contributing factor to our poor starts I nrecent years, never really in any showcase friendlies
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    Who is like me, when the fixtures come out for the new season, I look at the last 8 games and wonder if we will get enough points from them to stay up, old habits and all that :lol:
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    1) look at the first game of the season
    2) look at the boxing day game
    3) look at the last game of the season
    4) look at the best and worst month run in.

    Man City should be our first game of the season to keep up with tradition, after facing the other 5 of the top 6 teams for the last 5 seasons.
  • I would like a pre season game against 1860 again. In Munich please.
    Or even better, Nuremberg in Nuremberg. That would be loverly!
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    Followed by Antwerp, oldest club in Belgium and qualified for the Europa.. . :ok:
  • Followed by Anfield.... :run:
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    The club's Facebook page has a pic of Arnie with a reminder pre-season starts tomorrow. Except Arnie isn't back until the 7th...

    Thursday 11 July 16:30
    SCR Altach v West Ham United

    Wednesday 17 July 13:30
    Manchester City v West Ham United

    Saturday 20 July 11:00
    West Ham United v Final or 3/4 Play-Off

    Saturday 27 July 15:00
    Fulham Fulham FC logo v West Ham United

    Saturday 03 August 15:00
    West Ham United v Athletic Club
  • Would ya just look at all this losses
  • Saturday 27 July 15:00
    Fulham Fulham FC logo v West Ham United

    Fulham Fulham FC Logo is their full name
  • Apparently the Asia trophy thingy will be on tv
  • Does anyone really want to be put through the pain of watching us play Man City on tv? Especially when we have to play them in the first game of the season. Both games are nailed on 4-0s :lol:
  • I’m going to the first match v Citeh. I think we could nick a draw, catch them on the hop so to speak.
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    Most of them have reported back for training this morning, and the club has posted up some pics.

    I'm intrigued by their suitcases.

    Why does Jack Wilshere need 2?

    Why has Sam Byram brought his kit in a bin bag?

    Who got Pedro Obiang to carry all his stuff?
  • I like seeing Noble and Wilshere greeting people, I like that Reece Oxford was there, I like that Carlos Sanchez looks like he’s out of a 70s movie with his Afro, and I like that Angelo Ogbonna dresses like he wants to be in a boyband
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    Do you like Ryan Frederick's white tracksuit as much as Robert Snodgrass does?
  • And I think we can all guess what Ham likes.....
  • Why do some of them have pet carriers? Was it bring your cat to work day?
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  • Jack's 2nd case is empty, for the fags on the way home.
  • Good to see the lads back .......Does Baz know when Liverpool are back in training guess it will be later then us because they won something :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  • MrsGrey said:

    And I think we can all guess what Ham likes.....

    Ain't nobody :quaver:
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    I see he's been fitting in a bit of painting and decorating in his time off.

    Catching up on his chores. :biggrin:
  • I see Jack's brought his medical supplies with him. Considerate, that. ;)
  • Wasn't sure where to say this, but on the official site it's so nice to see Winston in the photo's in Switzerland, another new signing IMO for the season ahead. :thumbsup:
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