Other games this weekend/midweek (April 2019)



  • Chica won't be here, imo.
  • :hmm:

    I'm a bit :fence: about this.

    If we can be a team that would like to have that super-sub option from the bench (whether it be a Chica type player or a Giroud/Carroll type player) than I think there's an argument for trying to keep him. I think (like Carrol) he's good at what he does. But he's not really a starting forward, imo, given the team we are trying to (or will have to) mould.

    I'm not sure I'm making sense, but I know what I mean.

    He's a luxury, so if we think we can afford/accommodate one, and he'll stay, then fine. Otherwise :wave:
  • Reported £140k a week. :hmm: Thats too much luxury for us.
  • If it's true :ok:

    Too much to not be our 15-20 goal a year guy.
  • Think he wants out
  • I would :biggrin:
  • (done some tidying. European games comments moved to other Fred :ok:
  • Yes his wages are way too high and I have to admit that when he tries to cheat I really dont like it. That sort of thing is for other teams, not mine. :hmm:
  • How nervous must Brighton be right now?
  • MrsGrey said:

    Including Chicarito.

    Mark Noble is the master of buying free kicks in useless positions because he realises he's too slow and is going to lose the ball.
  • Good lad.
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