Champions League + Europa QF games (Easter Special: now with egg puns)

Who do you think will win?
Which PL team do you think will progress furthest?

QF Draw:

Ajax v Juventus
Tottenham v Man City

Barcelona v Man Utd
Liverpool v Porto

(I've grouped them like that to show the SF matches)


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    I'm going for a Man Utd win (I know, sorry).


  • Juve vs City

    Pool vs Barca

  • City Quad
  • Just as long as city beat spurs will be happy
  • City missed the the big boys so it must be their year. ;whistle
  • City Liverpool final....
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    I'm going to put this here, as I'm sure it will be asked at some point and by then I'll have forgotten the answer....

    (From the BBC)
    Can 6 English teams qualify for the Champions League (next season)?

    No. If English sides win both the Champions League and Europa League, the club that finished fourth in the Premier League will transfer out of the CL into the Europa League.

    So if Chelsea or Arsenal manage to win the Europa League they'd nick a Champions League spot off whichever PL team came fourth (if it's not them, obvs).
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    Man City to win the CL.

    Chelsea to win the Europa League.

    Tottenham to finish 4th and go into the Europa League next season.

    A boy can dream.
  • So we play Chelsea away on Monday 8th April where they play the Europa Cup tie on Thursday 11th.

    We also play ManU on Saturday 13th April which is bang in the middle of their Champions League matches with Barcelona on the 10th and 16th.

    Every little helps.
  • Did you get that off the Chelsea and Man U twitter pages?
  • No, worked it out myself as I'm going to both games.
  • ;weep

    I was trying to make a funny, imagining that the Chelsea and Man U fans would be relieved they were playing us and not someone else....

  • Oops! ;lol
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    Probably being asked before

    but what happens in the scenario of

    Man City

    (finish top 4)

    Chelsea (wins Europa league)
    Man United (wins Champs league)

    (finish 5th 6th)

    Does Arsenal and Spurs miss out ? or does just Arsenal miss out on Champions League.

    I assume both Champs league and Europa league winners go back into the Champions League competition despite finishing outside the top 4.

    However previously when Man United finished outside the top 4 and beat Ajax to win the Europa League they were the 5th team in England to go to the Champions League ? so if both Arsenal and Spurs lose out then only 4 go to the Champions League where previously we have had 5 maximum. ;hmm
  • Does that make the 3rd team go through Champions League Qualifiers ? doesn't 4th usually go through some sort of Champions League playoff ?
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    Look further up (the italic comment).

    I interpret that to be, in your scenario, Arsenal will move to Europa, while Chelsea and Man U will get CL spots (making 5).
  • Makes me sick to see how good Spurs' stadium looks :weep:
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    So PL clubs doing the 'pass on plastic' campaign.

    Yet tonight but Spurs have just handed out 17500 plastic bags to supporters to hold up and make a mosaic of the club motto. :lol:
  • Liverpool ahead with a heavily deflected goal.

    They've been good this season, but my God they've been lucky.
  • VAR penalty against Spurs for handball.

  • That was so harsh that pen decision
  • MrsGrey said:

    So PL clubs doing the 'pass on plastic' campaign.

    Yet tonight but Spurs have just handed out 17500 plastic bags to supporters to hold up and make a mosaic of the club motto. :lol:

    We're the same.
  • I can see why it was given. His arm was up and the ball was heading towards the goal.

    And now Kane goes down holding his face when replays show absolutely no contact with his face.
  • Jenas making a fool of himself. Rose makes a goalkeepers save and Jenas is not happy. :lol:
  • I really don't agree with having commentators covering games featuring their old teams. Jenas tonight, McManaman often does Liverpool games. They can never be as neutral as they should be.
    Ace of Clubs
  • Eriksen free kick unable to clear Sterling's wall...
  • That diagonal to the right side for Spurs has been on all night so far. It will cost Citeh if they don't sort it, imo.
  • Eriksen only hitting Citeh players with his dead ball deliveries so far.
  • Missed the first half of the game, who’s on top?
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