Streams for West Ham v Arsenal - today 12:30 UK ko. (Sky)

Normally, you can find out where (or whether) a game is being broadcast either here:

or here (searchable)

Game is on: Bein 2 & 11, Sky ME & PL, NBC SN, TSN 4 & 5 + various foreign channels.

Getting started with streams:

Kodi add ons

This site lists a number of addons, with installation tutorials:

Atm, I find Rising Tides, Joker Sports and PureSoccer:offer decent links.

Kodi Links

Links in all of the above addons, live games sections, and channels.

Ace Stream

acestream://0b59c4e05f37bcd789c85bac23e217d866e7690e (Sky)

acestream://744df267387f84e84343f62ded51253b187455cd (Sky)

acestream://30c1cc7dea974c77d0e4d729daf4910e50c5f9a0 [NBCSN] [HD] [EN]

acestream://20194bf40c71efb5a429cbdb0ac276dfecc59276 [Sky Sports] [HD] [EN]

acestream://edf9c05b592e718ee397c2db58846becc61456cd [Sky Sports] [SD] [EN]

acestream://0175d10bc830ef6fe750189dbb820b8faa9de970 (Port - Sport TV 2)

acestream://2538bb33e9075e52e31afe42a222707d52f937f7 (Rus)



Bein 2 & 11, Sky ME & PL, NBC SN, TSN 4 & 5, Sport TV 2

Flash / browser links

To watch Flash streams on Android, you can use the Dolphin of Puffin browsers. Puffin has the advantage of having a built-in ad blocker.

Due on here:

Note, the message 'Free server is full. Please donate.' is simply an ad. As is Flash player is outdated notice. (TSN) (Sky) (Sky) (Sky) (Sky)

All streams live at time of posting - all from verified streamers

If you have trouble with Firefox, try Chrome

More streams here:énal/
On Reddit, if available, any links marked 'Verified streamer' should be reliable, and not too ad-heavy.

Other streams here:

although they seem to be simply copying the Reddit ones.

(Be aware they have gone even further to the very ad-heavy dark side. Do NOT bother signing up for HD)

Both sites are aggregate sites: they don't host streams, just list links to other sites. As such, the quality/ad intensity will vary from link to link.

PLEASE - be aware that some of these links may be ad-heavy, and may simply use the sources listed above, embedded in their site.

You NEVER need to install any extra software or pay - if something says you do it is spam or an ad.
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