West Ham United v Birmingham City 12:30, 5/1/19



  • Ham, didn't you get him a clown mask for Christmas - shame on you. ;biggrin
  • Just got home we played in 2nd gear the whole game was comfortable without being entirely convincing I never felt like Birmingham were going score . Good performance from Diangana and thought silva did ok rice excellent as ever
  • Pelle confirms that Arnie was taken off as a precaution.. He felt a pain in his back but wanted to carry on.
  • Some of our squad have had a good rest today and others didn't even have to play at all ;wink
  • Diangana & Rice were IMO a cut above the rest, Rice just getting my MOM...
    Birmingham were certainly no pushover and we did make hard work of it..
    Result is what matters and we in the hat for next round....
  • A lot of positives yesterday. I hope Balbuena is back soon though as our defence has looked ropey without him the last few games.
  • Was Noble rested for this or did he have an injury, did anybody see?
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    I missed the game as I got the kickoff time wrong ;biggrin but as I'd seen one or two positive comments about Nasri, I watched the whole match on replay just to see for myself.
    I didn't see that he did too much wrong but then again don't think he created much either. Thoughts anyone?

    Forgot to add, the more I see Rice play, the more he reminds me of Bobby Moore. ;bowdown
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