Burnley away sun 30 dec 2018 14:15

This is turning into same season
Full ups and downs
Pelly is the man
Another away win please
It’s yours folks


  • Nailed on 3 points.
    Put your pension on it.

  • I will deffo be going for another 2-1 to us
  • I have two tickets for this game. Unfortunately I can’t go. Just looking back face value. Not bothered about booking fee. Any hammers that want them let me know. Based in east london
  • Lawro says 2-0 Burnley
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    Thanks, Lawro, an away draw minimum for us.
  • Burnley look woeful I can imagine this will be a very dirty game.
  • They're one of the dirtiest teams in the division, imo.
  • Maybe starting with AC would be useful. He’s a physical presence and is not concerned about knocking a few heads ;ok
  • alderz said:

    Lawro says 2-0 Burnley

    To be fair to him, he does make a reasoned case for going 2-0 to Burnley...
    One of their (Burnley's) problems is that, whoever plays up front, their strikers are all much of a muchness. In the past at least one of them has been in the kind of form to nick them some goals but at the moment none of them look much like scoring.
  • Diop with two own goals it is then. ;doh
  • I'm not sure how is best to tackle this one. Burnley will want to make it scrappy, and the temptation to deal with that would be to get Carroll in to deal with the centre backs, but players like Tarkowski, Gibson and Mee can deal with balls into the box. What they can't handle is pace and movement.

    I want Cresswell to stay in, as I think Gudmondsson is their best player and I don't trust Masuaku against him. If Zab is fit I'd want him back in at RB and Antonio to go up front I think. I also think that Noble should come back in, probably for Obiang.

    So I guess I''ve talked myself into:

    Fabianski; Zabaleta Diop Ogbonna Cresswell; Snodgrass Rice Noble Anderson; Perez; Antonio
  • I'd have Obiang in for Perez to start with otherwise that team works for me, unless Arnie is ready of course.
  • Herb

    I thought about that, but I think that a midfield three against Burnley is a bit negative given the way we've been playing, particularly with it being Obiang. Burnley have been playing with a back 5 in their past three games too, so I think we will need a bit more creativity on the pitch.
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    Burnley will be time wasting from before the start I fully expect kick off to be late ;lol
  • They'll be thinking if we extend the warm up by 10-15 minutes, the first half will only be half hour long. ;lol
  • Don't wanna be a downer but I would take a draw

    Think a few of the lads looks shattered by the end of yesterday's game....and given our current injury list there really isn't much that we can do to freshen it up

    Cresswell has to start for me though, Masuaku is too much of a liability. Let's hope Zab has shaken off his virus.

    Zab Diop Ogbonna Cressy
    Snodgrass Rice Noble
    Diangana Antonio Anderson

    Actually think Burnley will like to play against Carroll, they are much more uncomfortable against pace/movement so would go for Diangana, Antonio and Anderson up front
  • But did you notice last night that after AC had bished and bashed a couple of opponents, no more than he was getting by the way, he started playing deft lay offs and showed good touches. I think Pelle has been working on him. ;cool
  • Merse says 3-1 to us.
  • I tend to think at least Mersons predictions are based on form not hatred towards us
  • Pellegrini maintains unbeaten festive run
    Pellegrini has never lost a match in the Premier League played between 26 December and 4 January. The win over Southampton means the Chilean, manager of Manchester City from June 2013 to June 2016, has now won eight and drawn two of the 10 games he has been in charge of during the festive period.

    Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has won eight, drawn one and lost one in the same timeframe in England, with ex-QPR and Tottenham boss Gerry Francis also never beaten in this post-Christmas period.

    Lets hope he can maintain his record.

  • Even though I think we’re a much better side, I worry that fatigue will catch up with us here.

    We have basically no possibility of rotation. Several players, particularly Anderson, looked shattered at the end of the game last night.

    Hopefully if we have most of the ball we can make Burnley do a lot more running, but I’m expecting this to be a struggle.
  • Away Win ;wahoo
  • jorderz, but a number of players haven't been playing 90 minutes every game. Realistically, although they might be shattered by the end of a match, if they have had their minutes managed in the previous weeks/games, they should be able to recover OK.

    I'm not actually all that worried.

    Anderson, Snodgrass, Rice are the ones I think might be carrying the biggest 'fatigue' burden.
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    Jorderz - what's with the negativity? ;biggrin

    We're on a roll, get with it, ride the wave.

    Oops, sorry, been watching too American shows. ;lol

    MrsGrey, Snodgrass is like the Duracell bunny, don't think we need to worry about him.
    Rice has got youth on his side and he's so clever and skilful I think he can avoid injury.
    Anderson is the only one I worry about, in that he's making himself a target for all the cloggers.
  • Thing is you should look shattered at the end of the game. "Leave it all out there" as they say.
  • Nailed on 3 points.
    Put your pension on it.


    ;hmm pension you say my 1st pension due next week
    Can have on tick
    Due to the fact that government change the rules on second state pension ;cheers
  • Fine. Nailed on away win. Happy? ;biggrin
  • Difficult to select a side for this given how well we performed last night. Plenty of the lads were fresh after not getting many minutes & the side played very well. Do we keep Antonio at RB? Do we stick with Obiang & Cresswell? Do we stay with Perez up top with Diangana on the right?

    I think I would go:

    Zabaleta - Diop - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Snodgrass - Obiang - Rice - Anderson
    Antonio - Carroll

    We can't get involved in playing into Burnley's hands but they haven't exactly had a standard this season to 'play in to'. They have been abject.

    I think a two of Carroll & Antonio will have the strength to bully back at the CB of Burnley, but also cause trouble with a mixture of pace & height. I know Carroll is probably an ideal CF for Burnley to face, but I don't think him being present will impact our play. I think we will play the same regardless & when one of those balls is put into the box or pulled back, he'll be there.
  • Can’t believe you would pick a player who you describe as having a awful/ average game on the starting line up again
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    Well he's not playing RB is he?

    I am surprised so many thought he was excellent. I watched the game back & he was almost caught on 4/5 occasions in his own half & must've given the ball away half a dozen times in comfortable possession. Not to mention a couple of really poor decisions to shoot when we had dangerous play on the edge of the box. As I said he had a good run for the second goal.

    I think if we are going to use him we use his unpredictable/bulldoze approach up the pitch where he can do damage.
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