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Felipe Anderson

Finally feel this fella has settled and is now showing his class,discuss............................


  • I`m 52 and been through it all so take everything with a pinch of salt.A few weeks ago my 18 year old son suddenly piped up with what a waste of money but when he collects the ball wide left and starts to run,deep in my rapidly diminishing brain i have images of my favourite ever hammer,DEVO.
  • I think his goal might be a game changer for him. The way he went past the central defender and used his strength to hold him off, will be massive for his confidence and belief in terms of playing in this league.
  • I think he's shown signs of what he can do from the very beginning. Even when other things weren't working, he would play some killer passes. Now he looks like he's settling and it's all coming together. Passes like that one for the Hernandez chance that went into the side netting make games worth watching.
  • Imagine the press coverage that pass would be given if he played for city Liverpool or the spuds you’d never hear the last of it
  • In my view he was our announcement that we had aspirations which were first voiced when we moved, 40m is a lot of money in any teams book, but the difference is when you are Chelsea they can buy 5 of them and if two perform like 10m players and don't quite add to things they have enough quality to maintain their level.

    We needed Anderson to make a difference to us, has he? he has shown he can but needs more consistency in my view, which I do believe will come. To succeed in the premiership outside of the top 5 you need to be very organised, work hard and one or two players that can make things happen, Anderson for me has joined Arnie in the two players that can make something from nothing, but he needs do it each match rather than one in three. I also look forward to Lanzini coming in because then we have three of those players on the pitch and we could not only pick up more points but be a real pleasure to watch.

    Overall for me if scoring his season so far I would say he has been a 7, but importantly he has shown in snatches that he can perform at a 9, so if we can get a consistent 8 out of him he will be making a serious difference.
  • Agree with the above
  • Anderson Lanzini Diangana

    Could very well be a budget version of

    Salah Mane Wijnaldum

    Which would be very pleasing to watch
  • If we can make the most of this upcoming run, then hopefully when Lanzini does return it's to an environment where we've got a bit of room to express ourselves.

    YeOld ;ok Dianagana's played some really slick through balls in his few games. To have three players like that unlocking defences and then Arnie and Hernandez as two options for finishers - such an exciting prospect.

    How long have we struggled to find creative players and finishers? And a manager who knows how to use them.
  • Quite a long time ;wink
  • Crooks comments from the team of the week, personnally not sure Ive seen enoubh yet to put him in such company.. But I do love the fact that he seems stable, gets on with the game without too much drama....


    Felipe Anderson: Felipe Anderson is playing out of his skin at the moment. Apart from his undoubted technical ability, the Brazilian has developed a taste for goals. Five in six games tells its own story, but what West Ham fans will enjoy most is the player's brand of football. This lad can play. Anderson does not possess the volatile explosions of Paolo di Canio or the temperament of Dimitri Payet, but he's in that class, which rather suggests this could be the beginning of a rather beautiful friendship with the Hammers.

  • I’ve been thinking about that. He’s a lot like Payet but plays at a more steady level.
  • His goal was very Payet-esque, that's for sure.

    He certainly has the potential to reach those levels now he seems to have found his feet in this league. He's becoming more consistent so will hopefully carry on getting better for us.

    Starting to look every inch a £35m player ;clap
  • Anderson brings that 'feelgood feeling' which is a rare but beautiful thing. That's what makes him similar to Payet and DiCanio.
  • It's clear Anderson has worked out how to play in the PL now.

    Normally, you'd think in terms of defenders sussing attackers, but in his case it is the other way around.

    Some of the stuff he pulls off is only obvious in slow motion replays.

    He makes difficult skills seem so easy, that in real time it often doesn't look like he did anything special.
  • And he as a better haircut than both of them
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