And the winner is........

Bobby Moore has been voted as the greatest sports personality of all time in a poll conducted by the Radio Times. Well deserved.


  • More than 11,000 people voted, 9,000 or were from this forum. ;biggrin
  • Vote early and vote often!
  • Oh, was I only supposed to have voted the once ;puzzled
  • Bobby is the only Englishman ever to Lift the Trophy, and I am fairly confident
    that will not change in my life time.
  • Relax everyone... When the Premiership gets bigger and richer, eventually we'll find a way of incorporating a rule that says 60% of overseas players can be allowed in the England squad. Then we'll do better and a 39 year old David Silva will win it for us allowing Declan Rice to lift the actual trophy. ;puzzled
  • More than 11,000 people voted, 9,000 or were from suze. ;biggrin

    Fixed it
  • I would like to ask a few of our older members who were actually there and watching the games each week what their view of Bobby was at the time?

    I know it's really hard as a hammer to give an unbiased view but I would be genuinely interested as us (only slightly) younger fans have only the legend and a few select matches which can be viewed on you tube.

    How good was he? did he stand out week in week out as the superstars of today do?

    I know it's virtually impossible but who would he compare to in later times and would he be able to cut in todays much more physical and athletic game?

    I can speak to younger fans of how Billy Bonds used to make you feel proud and feel that when you took to the pitch for your Sunday morning match the following day as though you didn't need back down from anything, and about how in Devonshire you would genuinely think you were sometimes watching something you couldn't dream of ever emulating on the pitch the next day.

    What are your memories of Bobby as a week in week out player.
  • Agree with the thought, I never saw Bobby play in claret and blue, ironically I recall being moved when he appeared for Fulham in the 1975 cup final - football constantly throws up such moments, although a true professsional in every sense of the word, you have to feel that it would have felt strange to him.

    As for that late seventies team, I too was thrilled whenever Billy slid in a tackle, how Trevor seemed to have the ball stuck to his toe, Alan jinked his way downfield and psycho ran the line up top - There is simply no doubt that it was that magical team that cemented my 40 years supporting this lot.

  • My only first hand knowledge of Bobby Moore was the ‘75 Fulham FA cup final.

    To be honest I was 8 so remember very little.
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