Samir Nasri (reported that he is...) to have medical at West Ham

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BBC reporting Nasri to have a medical and available Jan 1st..... Good idea? Does he still have what it takes? Hopefully he has something to prove


  • I see from Sky Sports - quoting the mirror

    That we may be after Nasri once his ban runs out.......
  • I saw that yesterday. I pasted the comments and then decided I couldnt even be bothered thinking about Nasri. Just looking at the posting with West Hams weirdest 32 Prem signings, I felt there was a high probability that one of them would have to make way for Nasri,

    Just in case theres any confusion.... Its a no from me. A big one!
  • Player at Man City when Pelle was manager is available? Oh well, that's a rumour paragraph sorted, then.
  • Grey,

    Do I detect the odd hint of cynicism there ;lol
  • Perhaps a smidgeon... ;whistle
  • ExWhu on Twitter seems to think it’s true
  • So the club are stalling on paying Rice an extra 25K per week but are willing to fork out 80K a week on an ageing drug cheat who is way past his prime?! Ridiculous.
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    See the only thing that made sense to me for not sorting his contract was because we couldn't afford to pay him. If the Nasri thing is true then that's obviously not the case.
  • Sky sources: Nasri to have West Ham medical. ;nonono
  • So when everyone is fit and available we'll have Anderson, Diangana, Snodgrass, Lanzini, Antonio, Yarmalenko and Nasri.

    Throw Arnie (he used to be a winger once upon a time) and that's eight attacking midfielders competing for two positions in the starting XI.

    To paraphrase Roy Scheider in Jaws; "We're going to need a bigger dressing room."
  • So when everyone is fit and available

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    Nasri this years Evra.

    Waste of Time, wasted space, waste of wages.
  • horsham

    Or so rumour, which has been known to be wrong once or twice, would have you believe...

    And Nasri isn't a drug cheat, if facts matter.
  • Posting that you received ten times the amount of hydration allowed by UEFA on Facebook and Twitter doesn't seem the wisest choice.
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    I never suggested he was clever... (although it was the clinic that posted the images.)

    Given that many players seem unaware of the rules governing the game that they play, it hardly seems surprising that a player would be unaware of this particular WADA rule.

    And he argues that the treatment was therapeutic (although in that case, apparently, he should have applied for exemption before taking the treatment. Of course, that would imply he knew the rule in the first place...)
  • Being thick as two short planks doesn't violate doping regulations, though. He might be a muppet but we can't prove he is a drug cheat.

    I still don't want him and won't believe any rumors until it's on the OS.
  • I can't pretend that he would have been on any list of players I hoped we might sign, but if the boss wants him, that is good enough for me.
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    The point is that the treatment he received was NOT drug related.

    It was therapeutic, but beyond the limit of hydration players are allowed, which is why it fell foul of the WADA ruling.

    He was on holiday, so I hardly think he was figuring, 'Oh yes, this will give me a boost later on in the year when I start playing football.'

    We don't have to like him, or the fact that he is signed for us (if he is), but especially in the current climate, I do think we owe him judgement based on the facts, not Trumpistic 'Well, that's what I heard."


    You could argue that Snodgrass and Lanzini are vying for the CM position that’s most attacking. Diangana might burnout after a while. Yarmolenko is injured for the season. Antonio willl be flogged in January or the summer. Arnie is now a striker.

    So, that leaves just 2 players for 2 positions - Anderson and Nasri.

    Maybe we need to buy more wingers!
  • I wasn't calling him a drug cheat. Simply stupid for putting up something like that on Facebook.

    A friend of mine got sent home from the Winter Olympics in Russia for something so minimal it was simply ridiculous and while I know what the media published, the truth is often a little different.
  • Munich

    Yes, but saying 'we can't prove he was a drug cheat' implies that he was under that kind of suspicion.

    I'm not having a pop at you, just trying to make things clear.
  • Depending on which paper/website you read:

    he has had a medical
    he is having a medical
    he is going to have a medical

    West Ham are in talks with him
    West Ham are going to sign him

    We are going to pay him 80k per week
    He won't move anywhere unless he gets 100k per week
  • Grey - no sweat. I get enough flak at home so even if you were having a pop at me I could't really be bothered to feel insulted or so.
    I was reacting to the people calling him a drug cheat. It was meant to be read as "you can't call him a drug cheat unless it has been proven he did something illegal"
  • And even then, Munich, he might be a 'cheat' but not necessarily a drugs cheat.

    From the various news coverage, there was no suggestion that there were any drugs involved at all.

    But there's so much gutter press around - coupled with non-discerning readers - that if you (not 'you' you) sling enough mud, it sticks. No matter the facts.

    SAD! ;wink
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    It was meant to be read as "you can't call him a drug cheat unless it has been proven he did something illegal"

  • And being daft isn't illegal or else we would be needing prisons the size of Greater London all over the place. Mind you, that would sort out unemployment in one big sweep as you'd be needing a lot of wardens
  • Common sense suggests so much of the speculation may prove to be short of the mark. A far more likely scenario is that he is looking to market himself again and an informal arrangement where by he trains with us to get fit and allows us to appraise his ability before January. The idea of even having a medical in November when he cant sign nor play before January seems unrealistic anyhow.

    I am in two minds with regard this move even if we accept for the sake of debate it may be true. A big part of me says no as he is past his best, been out 18 months and was in Turkey before that, which all too often is a place premiership players go to prolong ability to get a contract that may not be matched in the more high profile leagues of Europe. However the other part of me says why not for 6 months as we are missing the creativity that Lanzini brings and Nasri is most certainly a player that can provide that for us if retaining even 75% of his at prime ability.
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