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Other matches weekend of Nov 10th

Very fitting and poignant ceremony at Leicester, really well done ;clap


  • edited November 2018
    Sol Bamba ;lol
    Seriously, 4 officials and not one could spot him taking his shirt off?
  • Hugill scores two for Middlesbrough good luck to the lad
  • Loris looking dodgy ;poormf
  • How comes Lloris looks like an outfield player stuck in goal in all games except when they play us.
  • edited November 2018
    See Charlie Austin has had his blinkers on raging about the officials costing Southampton an extra two points. What he has conveniently chosen to omit is the fact that Watford should have had a penalty which would have resulted in Bertrand being sent off with the score at 1-0. ;doh
  • edited November 2018
    Citeh and Wolves score at almost the same moment, how weird is that ;hmm
  • Zab is in the studio as pundit. He's dossing down at Aguerro's tonight according to the comms.
  • That 3rd City goal - 42 passes, apparently.
  • Zab is in the studio as pundit. He's dossing down at Aguerro's tonight according to the comms.

    He tweeted earlier, a view of the city and a COYB type comment. So I guess he's on the spot ;ok
  • So its up to us to end man city unbeaten run ....................... ;sofa
  • Citeh were simply sensational today, right at the end Sterling was taking the mickey with stepovers etc, luckily for him the final whistle blew as to quote Lee Dixon “someone is going to get lifted”

    Well it made me laugh ;lol
  • Looked like Pep was giving him a bit of a rollicking at the end of the game for taking the mick. I think he saw Mata having a word with him.
  • MrsGrey, 42 passes - it's really strange how that number so often crops up. Douglas Adams must have known something - meaning of life and everything. ;wink
  • Sorry to burst the bubble, but it was 44
  • Alderz, I see what you did there ;lol
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