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Brighton (A) - 05 Oct 18 - 8pm ko - Match Thread

Friday night football next for us, away at Brighton.

You’d think confidence is at an all time high after the last 4 games.

I’d start with the same line up that started yesterday’s game.

;scarf ;scarf ;scarf


  • I would start out with our Suzanne, starting out ;ok
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    I’ve started the match threads, giving the team the best possible foundation for a win.

    It’s up to them now ;biggrin
  • Only change I'd maybe make is Cresswell for Masuaku, but I think I'm ok with the same XI and I don't think Pellegrini will change it up

    Brighton will be up for it after they did ok against city and Spurs but were outgunned, they normally have a go

    But feel with the positivity at the club We can get a few goals and snatch all 3
  • Brighton only lost 4 games at home last season (Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Leicester). This is a tricky game. Hopefully our confidence will carry through and we’ll put in another good performance.
  • We owe them one.
  • Think now we don’t rely on one forward to create we will be ok can’t see us losing this one so point at least
  • I think a point would be a good result as they are very well organised and motivated by Chris Houghton even if lacking star quality.

    The greatest optimism I have at present after our last two league results is that we can at present go into any match with the hope of coming away with something.

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    I forgot that we were playing Friday night so I'll be working 2pm - 10pm.

    Same team as Man U providing Arnie is okay.

    Brighton haven't won since they beat Man U on the second week of the season but it appears anyone can beat Man U...

    Glenn Murray is Brighton's top scorer with four, he has played West Ham eight times with three clubs,

    The four times he was in the starting XI he scored in every game, we've lost three and drawn one.

    The four times he came off the bench he didn't score, we've won two, drawn one and lost one.

    Murray started every game this season apart from Saturday against Man City, let's hope Chris Hughton leaves him on the bench...
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    Big game to see if our mentality is shifting. Would be brilliant to get a win here, which we are more than capable of, but would be a frustration if we were to lose following the weekends result (& our recent form). Brighton will look at it as a chance for 3 points. We lost here last season.

    A draw wouldn’t be a shocker. Same side for me.

  • The way we've been defending I can't see us conceding twice, tbh. I would take a draw, but I have a lot of confidence in our front three to get enough to win us the game.

    I prefer Cresswell at LB to Masuaku, but I'm happy with whatever Pellegrini does and expect him to stick.
  • Arnie's knee still not quite right.
    “I have to say this week I was not 100%,” Arnautovic admitted afterwards. “I still feel my knee. I did just two training sessions but I wanted to play. I have pain. The medical staff, they say I don’t risk my knee. For me it’s just forget the pain and play. The gaffer gave me this opportunity and he expects me to score goals. I think the medical staff and people working with me are confident as well, so it’s all about being confident in your body and trusting your body. I trust a lot.”
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    Brighton haven't kept a clean sheet this season and conceded goals in 75% of their games last season.

    A 0-0 draw looks unlikely.
  • I’d take that Aslef another clean sheet, more confidence for the two new centre backs ready for the next game against BMI BABY
  • If Arnie's knee is still wrong I'd hope he won't play for Austria in the break (he will though).
  • I don't think Brighton will knock 3 past us this time. I think this will be a more cagey match and expect a 1-0 either way or 1-1.

    With confidence sky high though you do fancy us to pinch this.
  • Well I think you've covered the outcome there Yeold. ;lol
  • other than a high scoring game yea lol
  • We may well put 3 past them, that'll cover it.
  • We seem to have a really good balance now.

    Our middle three of a DM an two CMs, gives us solidity and guile.

    A front three with pace and skill and a good finisher...

    For me just LB not sure about...
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    Today was my first day back at work after two weeks off, last month we were balloted over various disputes on the Central Line and while I was away someone decided that we're on strike this Friday.

    Negotiations will continue tomorrow but if that fails to resolve matters I'll be on the picket line at the William IV from 7:30pm onwards.
  • What lines are on strike?

    How do I make it from Hammersmith to Manor Park in an hour? Finish my shift at 7pm.
  • You do a Carroll and go on the sick lol
  • edited October 2018

    What lines are on strike?

    How do I make it from Hammersmith to Manor Park in an hour? Finish my shift at 7pm.

    Just the Central Line, we've got a total numpty for a Line Manager who is causing ructions. He was a numpty on the Victoria, a numpty on the Bakerloo and now he's a numpty on the Central. Eventually he will get promoted and be a numpty on the whole of the Tube at once.

    If it goes ahead then H&C to Liverpool Street, TfL Rail to Manor Park, 53-58 minutes according to the TfL Journey Planner
  • edited October 2018

    Just the Central Line, we've got a total numpty for a Line Manager who is causing ructions. He was a numpty on the Victoria, a numpty on the Bakerloo and now he's a numpty on the Central. Eventually he will get promoted and be a numpty on the whole of the Tube at once.

    It's good to see continuity of policy ;biggrin
  • Never been so confident of a West Ham victory. 3--1 to the Mighty Irons. I sense an Obiang net buster. ;wahoo ;scarf
  • edited October 2018
    Won't be easy. They did as well as can be expected with their approach at City (as in don't get thrashed approach). They have not had the best of starts, but have beaten Man Utd (but seems everybody does). Their fans will expect a win on Friday so they will be under a bit of pressure to get a good result. I think if we defend as we have been we have a good chance of 3 points because we look a handy counter-attacking side.

    They don't get disgraced often. Biggest defeat this season has been 2-0 (Watford & City away). Narrow defeats to Liverpool (1-0) & Spurs (1-2). 2-2 draws against Fulham & Southampton (they were 2-0 down in both games).
  • Seems as of last year there a well organised unit with no big time Charlie’s
  • Is it right we havent beaten them since they got promoted? We'll have to play pretty well to beat them at their place. At this moment I am still in relieved mode after we gained 7 unexpected points recently
  • They only got promoted last season and we lost both (3-0 home, 3-1 away).

    We've only played Brighton seven times since we beat them 2-0 in the 1991 Zenit Data Systems Cup. McAvennie scored both.

    P7 W3 D1 L3 GF13 GA9
  • Aslef, you can't compare the team we put out last season vs Brighton to the team that we've witnessed the last 3 games (4 if you include the Macclesfield rout).
    We're playing with a swagger and a confidence that I cannot ever remember. ;scarf
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