Other games this weekend

Just awaiting confirmation from the Liverpool doctor that Alisson was suffering from concussion when he ermmm you know.... ;wink


  • I very much enjoyed that goal - it's a treat to see the best defender and best GK in the world deliver a masterclass.
  • Eh, calm down, calm down!
  • Whilst I normally delight at a spuds defeat Watford are one of the teams at our level and we can't afford for them to get too far ahead.
    Both sides were rubbish today but Watford showed some tenacity in the second half and it paid off.
  • Watford four wins from four joint top
  • now which team did I pick as the dark horses this year ;hmm
  • Watford are well out of our reach this season already.
    It just goes to show what a bit of spirit and togetherness can do.
    4 wins on the trot. We hardly ever get two.

  • edited September 2018
    ;hmm Two Hutton, would take just one ;wink
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