Wolves (H) - 01/09/2018 at 3pm - Match Thread

Having DESTROYED AFC Wimbledon in the cup - OK, maybe not destroyed.

Having eventually beaten a league one side with them having been down to 10 men for 70 minutes, we face Wolves in the Premier League.

Wolves have drawn against both Man City and Everton at home. But away from home, they lost to Leicester.

Hopefully Arnie is back in the starting lineup, and we can get our first victory in the Premier League this season.


  • Arnie needs to be back for this, wasnt impressed with Hernandez or Perez up front....although wolves will press us high so opens up space

    Obiang didnt impress, but Rice did and sanchez offered energy against Arsenal that we need against Wolves who press well

    Think wilshere should play in a midfield 3 despite Snodgrass was MOTM last night but its a completely different opposition

    Fredericks Diop Ogbonna Cressy
    Sanchez Rice
    Yarmo Wilshere Anderson
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    Looking forward to this.

    I’d go:

    Fredericks - Diop - Ogbonna/Balbuena - Cresswell/Masuaku
    Sanchez/Rice - Wilshere
    Snodgrass - Anderson - Antonio

    Adrian, Rice, Zabaleta, Masuaku, Obiang, Yarmolenko, Hernandez
  • I would like Snodgrass in the 10 again with Antonio up front, supported by Anderson and The Big Urkraine fella. Rice-Sanchez in the middle, or Wilshire who hasn’t impressed me much.
  • Wilshere was arguably one of our best players in the Bournemouth game, and was the best of the midfield 3 agaisnt Liverpool (where no one impressed)

    Wouldnt be surprise dif Pellgrini tries to start both Arnie and Javier together if they are fit
  • Got my ticket ;thumbsup
  • Im missing this taking my daughter to LEGOLAND so we are almost certainly going to win now :smile:
  • My 1st visit to new home & 1st live hammers game in over 15 years ;wahoo coyi

  • Fabianski
    Fredericks - Diop - Rice - Cresswell
    Sanchez - Wilshere
    Snodgrass - Anderson

  • Im missing this taking my daughter to LEGOLAND so we are almost certainly going to win now :smile:

    Legoland Windsor .......... not too bad a drive if the M25 is OK ;lol
  • Fabianski / Fredericks Diop Ogbonna Cresswell / Rice Wilshere / Antonio Snodgrass Anderson / Arnautovic
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    I think Snodgrass has to play. I don’t overly rate him but he has shown a good attitude & is quite good technically. I think after what was said about him by the board he could’ve easily looked for the door after coming back from Villa. Pellegrini obviously likes him & his set plays are very dangerous too.

    We could play him in centre mid next to Rice/Sanchez & Wilshere. Or we play him behind Arnie next to Anderson where they both play narrow as almost two No. 10’s.
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    Also think it's important to make as few changes to the Arsenal game as possible, as the performance was promising, we created chances & clicked better, & defended pretty well for the majority of the game. I thought we had good shape in general.

    So even though I've brought in Ogbonna for Balbuena & Cresswell for Masuaku, I wouldn't mind keeping the back four unchanged from the Arsenal match. Only question is whether Arnie is fit to lead the line.

    Feel all this chopping & changing is going to be unproductive.
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    Looking at Wolves they have a very talented midfield area, as well as attacking players, but seem to be a bit weaker at the back & in the full-back areas. They play 3 at the back & then two in support of the striker in a 3-4-2-1 system. The keeper is very good & experienced too.

    Could be an entertaining game, hopefully we just go for it, cut out mistakes & look to just get more goals than them.

    You could put a positive or negative spin on their season start depending on perspective; many would say they have acquitted themselves well against Everton, Leicester & Man City, with 2 points against Everton & City good results, whilst the away game was always going to be tough.

    You could also say they blew the chance to beat 10 man Everton, played against 10 men again at Leicester for half an hour but lost comfortably, before getting a dubious goal against City, a game they could've easily lost.
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    According to the gaffer, Arnautovic's knee problem that occurred last weekend hasn't stopped him training all week.
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    Reads a bit vague to me so hopefully he is fit & it’s not just to lure Wolves into believing he will play. Is it he’s trained with the team or worked on his fitness?
  • ;hmm

    Didn’t see him say that
  • Lets pray he starts, hes so important for us
  • I don't think Hernandez would have played the full 90 on Tuesday if Arnautovic wasn't fit for Saturday.

    But to be honest, with our history of rushing players back from injury too soon, I would rather we wait until Arnie is 100% fit.
  • When you hear Marco isn’t injured

  • I think if Pelle is going to go with a 4-2-3-1 again, I actually would consider leaving Wilshere out & going with both Sanchez & Rice to shield the back four. That would mean we always have four back & allow the full-backs to get forward as well as allow Anderson to stay in the No.10 position. I think he'll go unchanged from Arsenal, though.
  • Totally agree Lukerz. Wilshire is not undroppable and is best suited to the No.10 position where Anderson currently looks a better player. Rice plus Sanchez or Obiang will give us more solidity. And even though Snodgrass is now playing better than before I would rather have Antonio and Masuaku or Yarmolenko wide.
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    Arrived at Stratford... ;wahoo

    Operation: Attempting to Convert Girlfriend begins now

  • Just heading off to Canterbury West station - coyi ;wahoo
  • Walked into town, enjoyed Italian cake and coffee - had a swim now settled down for a good result......forgetting we are an hour ahead. Oh well, more cake and coffee ;wave
  • In garden with daughter. Ready to leave now.
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