Where do we go next?

In light, of the money thrown into the team, and management with good record..
The preseason speaks for its self
I did nott expect to
see my beloved West Ham bottom again
What next?


  • If they don't get something against very decent looking Wolves side. We might be waiting till October for a win.
  • When do we play Cardiff?
  • Wimbledon

    Hope we don’t rest anyone
  • Well, we can't play the full squad unless they've changed the rules.
  • And seeing as we don't have a settled 1st eleven....
  • And seeing as players with less game time need to get match fit for when we need them in the League....
  • I think your hope is in vain.
  • Which I am OK with.
  • MrsGrey said:

    Which I am OK with.

    Well am not,
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    MrsGrey said:

    And seeing as we don't have a settled 1st eleven....

    Even more reason to find a team
  • I think, next, we go back to the drawing board... ;wink
  • I think, next, we stick with the plan
  • As Frazer says in Dads Army, Wer'e Doomed. ;pray
  • Over Land and Sea.

    On to Victory.
  • Grey, you havn't been on the Ouzo have you.
  • Carry on as normal, it will right itself
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    The improvement from game 1 to 3 was staggering. I don’t think anybody is jumping over fences about it but we went to Arsenal and went toe to toe with them, instead of going there ‘to keep it tight’. From barely crossing the halfway line at Anfield, to creating half a dozen clear chances at the Emirates. When did we last do that?

    There are still things to work on and this season may be a bit of a ‘work in progress’ write off but the signs since Liverpool are positive.
  • But Arsenal are pretty ordinary by their standards and will do well to finish top 6 this season. So no reason to start doing cartwheels because we managed to attack them IMO. And likewise no real reason to crow because we were better than we were at Liverpool because on that day we were beyond diabolical.

    Let’s see if we translate our efforts on Saturday into points v wolves before we start congratulating ourselves.
  • We lost three on the bounce last year and finished 13th ish without looking, I’m confident pelle will turn things round and maybe have a couple of wins against the expected top six, I still expect us to finish above where we finished last season with a definite improvement of our playing style, and won’t apologise for my optimism and belief
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    Thanks barracks but I'll decide when I want to do cartwheels or congratulate ourselves.
  • Baracks - as ordinary as they have been over the last 5 season’s, yet we still haven’t asked them as many issues as we did on Saturday.
  • Luke

    I may prove to be wrong but my feeling is quite a few teams will get joy against arsenal from an attacking point of view this season
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    You are, of course, free not to draw any satisfaction from our recent efforts, but that doesn't mean that no one else should.

    Your insistence on over-stating imagined responses in order to knock them down is a bit disingenuous.

    No one is euphoric, no one is doing cartwheels, no one is crowing, at least not that I've seen on here.

    Clearly, a lot of people feel they have seen some signs of improvement between the Liverpool game and the Arsenal game.

    If you don't share that feeling, fair enough.
  • But Arsenal are pretty ordinary by their standards and will do well to finish top 6 this season. So no reason to start doing cartwheels because we managed to attack them IMO.

    Arsenal clearly aren't anywhere near their best but I really struggle to remember us attacking anyone like we did Arsenal on Saturday, in recent times. Certainly since the Payet year, when we had a type of player we might not see for a long, long time.

    I don't think we've been great but I'd rather take the positives, which are getting towards balancing out the negatives, at this point in the season. Don't know how I'll get through the season otherwise.
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    So where have I said I take no
    satisfaction from Saturday?

    To me there were good elements and not so good elements, including no real signs of comfort in respect of our Achilles heel - our defence. Anyone is of course is free to have a counter view.

    To be honest if I mark a comment IMO I’m surprised a barbed response as was posted just after mine is permitted. But if that’s the way the site is going to operate so be it.

    I note outcast’s response to a post of mine which whilst it counters my view does so in an non-inflammatory manner
  • Barracks

    You flagged the comment and it was dealt with.

    We try to be proactive, but can't always spot everything; hence the flag option.
  • The game against Arsenal was significantly better than our first two games. We looked very good going forward and I believe deserved better.

    We now simply need points. 3 against Wolves will make me very happy.

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    We weren’t terrible at the back either. The Welbeck goal we may as well rule out as we had 0 shape at that stage, it was in the dying seconds. The 2nd was an OG. The first was questionable defensively but they also got the break with the ball falling to Monreal. At 1-1 there was nothing in the game and could’ve easily ended up 1-3 to us.
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