First 8 games - Up Up and Away or Down Down Deeper and Down?

Liverpool (a)
Bournemouth (h)
Arsenal (a)
Wolves (h)
Everton (a)
Chelsea (h)
Manchester United (h)
Brighton (a)

As always, this isn't about predicting what we will get. It is saying what is the minimum number of points you would settle for (even if you think we might get more.)

The minimum I would want to see for that lot would be 10 points.


  • Satisfied with 10. Pleased with 11.

    Anything less will be a disappointment, although that will be mitigated if we can take all 3 from Chelsea. coyi
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    These look like a tough set of opening fixtures for us. The minimum I would settle for would be 8.

    Expect to win at home to Bournemouth and Wolves. Hope to pick up some points from the other games.
  • 12 would be a very good return
  • 10 plus would be a bonus anymore well I really would call the nurse out
  • I'd be disappointed if we didn't get 8, but its a very hard start so i expect 10
  • 11 would be great ,no less then 9 coyi
  • I think that 12 is achievable, and would be good for me
  • 11 points I hope buts its a tough start.
  • Assuming we smash one of the Big 4, 9 points is good enough, 12 if we get off to a flyer
  • 12 points.
  • It's a tough set of fixtures for what is effectively a new team, I'm not saying I wouldn't want more but 8 points wouldn't be a disaster imo.
  • So, we missed my "settle" for total by a point, but given where we were after 4 games I'm not too unhappy (I said 8 points wouldn't be a disaster, I don't think 7 is either tbh). However, everyone else went higher, is the turn around after the first 4 games enough, or are you guys and girls seriously disappointed?
  • I think Bournemouth and wolves have probably surprised a few people I am a lot happier with the last four games even against Brighton we had chances to get something.we look a lot more solid now
  • Nor seriously disappointed, just disappointed.

    Not despairing, either. I've seen enough to be quietly encouraged of more improvement down the line.
  • Was always going to be a work in progress think we are playing a better brand of football also, were creating more if not finishing more chances we could quite easily have taken points in every game apart from Liverpool game, so in that sence I’m a little disappointed but believe still we will be top ten or better
  • Home losses to Bournemouth and Wolves were very very disappointing (even given their form) but to get 7/9 from Everton, Chelsea and United has given me enough encouragement

    The team is looking more balanced and confident but still needs work

    End of the day the points on the table is what counts so hope the next 8 games have more points then "we showed some positive things" while losing/drawing

    It may be early but with Cardiff, Newcastle, Fulham & Huddersfield looking soooo poor I don't think we will be in the mix at any point from now onwards
  • Champo ;pray
  • Until we can perform against the sides around us and get points we will be in the scrap.

    December is going to be a huge month looking at the fixtures.
  • Yes. December looks like the month that will decide if we are in a scrap at the bottom or not. We could win them all in December
  • I think this was always hard to say what we'd be happy with (probably the hardest one since greyerz started doing it). I didn't even have a go because I wasn't sure.

    I think reflecting on it, we are about on a par with last season from the corresponding fixtures (where we finished 13th); 8 points from the same fixtures last season (substituting Wolves for Swansea), 7 this season.

    But this was not an easy start given all the structural changes, management & playing staff. I think to play 4 of last seasons top 6, 5 of the top 8 if you include Everton (& Spurs next), plus the 'easier games' against Bournemouth & Wolves have seen us play two sides who have started the season in blistering form (sitting 6th & 7th) have not actually been that easy in hindsight. Brighton was a disappointment given the way that game went. Liverpool was the only game where I felt we were truly abject but we were playing one of the title favourites.

    So room for improvement but all things considered I think 7 is an acceptable outcome, although given we have had some good results against good teams, it makes the results against the lesser sides a bit more of a missed opportunity to be higher in the table.
  • That was a tougher first 8 games than anyone could have predicted. But we did "smash one of the Big 4" and beat Everton away, so my despair has turned to cautious optimism. As Lukerz pointed out, we're only a point down on corresponding fixtures last year. COYI
  • Has anybody started a "Next 8 games" thread?
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