Lucas Perez (Now officially official)

Getting it in early :>

Good Signing for 4m I actually think he could be that gem in the rough this year, especially if Hernandez doesn't turn in the performances that Pellegrini wants from a second striker.

Brings some PL experience albeit limited and a nice link up with Jack Wilshire.


  • Saw this stat on Ex’s Twitter and found it online. Second most key passes in la liga last season...behind Messi.

  • Good signing gives us something different I think we have some v exciting attacking options this year , I think we will have plenty of depth and ability to changes things around and decent subs to bring on if we need a goal
  • Move makes sense, covers across all across the front 4, Husillos has said es watched him a lot in Spain, his record is good & is affodable in an inflated market (wonder what his wages are like)
  • Happy with Perez signing.
    As said already he does offer something different... ;ok
  • Upon arriving at London Stadium, Lucas Perez said: "I’m very happy to be here at such an historic club."

    "I’m very excited, as West Ham are giving me the chance to stay in the Premier League and I’m very happy to be part of this new project.

    "West Ham have great fans and play in an amazing stadium, so to sign here brings me great joy. I’m very motivated."

    Well done Lucas, we have the full house. Extra points for remembering to mention the "project".
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    Yeah seems like he can play ST / AM / Winger, good to have a player like that.

    Certainly a step up from our 15th most expensive signing of all time....

    January: Sign Jordan Hugill for £8 million.

    August: Sign Lucas Perez for £4 million.

    The Husillos effect.
  • Welcome Lucas
  • So now we have Lukasz, Lucas and Lukerz - that’s going to get confusing

  • Have to Luke carefully before posting

  • Wenger paid decent money for him not that long ago before prices went into orbit. As with the other comments, hes versatile, technically thought of as good enough to blend into Arsenals (old) style of play and a rare bit of quality for 4M. Assuming he's hungry too after being frozen out of Arsenal. Very happy to pinch him from the move back to Spain and its not as if HusiLOSS has limited knowledge of him plus what he potentially brings ;thumbsup

    I thought I'd better post something quickly to distract people before a lynch mob forms after Expats last comment ;whistle
  • Perez was born in La Coruna, home to Deportivo.

    In summer 2013 he signed a three year deal with PAOK but after just one season he went on loan to Deportivo La Coruna.

    In summer 2015 he signed a three year deal with Deportivo La Coruna.

    In summer 2016 he signed a three year deal with Arsenal but after just one season he went on loan to Deportivo La Coruna.

    In summer 2018 he signed a three year deal with West Ham.

    Now I'm not saying there's a pattern her but...
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