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WHU606 Premier League Fantasy Football for 2018-19



  • Arnie's more of a factor for plenty of people I guess.

    Arthur is as cheap as it gets for a MFer. I do wonder, if Pelle plays a different system(s), whether Arthur will be a regular starter? Maybe he will though ;hmm
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    It's all a bit ;hmm at the moment with WHU and with Arsenal players, 'cos of new manager uncertainty.
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    Well I've picked a provisional squad, albeit it is likely to change. No inspiration for a team name yet so named it temporarily 'Football'sComingHome'. Ironic now.

    Leno & Dubravka are my keepers. I expect Leno to take over from Cech given his fee & Dubravka kept a few clean sheets after joining in Jan. Newcastle are pretty solid at the back under Rafa.

    Alexander-Arnold looked a snip at around £5m given his game time last season, Rice is in as another cut price deal but may have to change that depending on 1) game time & 2) whether he is moved into midfield should he play for us under Pelle. Van Dijk, Bellerin & Lascelles make up the rest of my defence. VD because he tends to be good in the air, Lascelles as Newcastle tend to defend well under Rafa & Bellerin because he is quite adventurous.

    Midfield I've gone for Cairney (who I like), Jota (bit of a punt but 18 goals last season for Wolves), Eriksen, Silva & Keita. Eriksen & Silva are obviously proven at scoring/assisting/taking set plays, whereas Keita is more an unknown. I felt Salah at £13m wasn't great value as second season syndrome potentially kicks in. Mane or KDB are the two I wanted to get in but couldn't find the money for them.

    My front three are currently Kane, Arnie & Zaha. Not 100% sure on that either, but Arnie & Zaha were the stand outs of the players who were below the expensive group. Bit concerned about the WC players as they may well be eased back into the side come the PL season with a few sub appearances.

    But as I said, more than likely to change the XI at some point. Once I study pre-season results, transfers & any injuries/fitness issues.
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    My current squad has 14 different players to yours Lukerz! ;wahoo

    (not that I'm revealing yet as I'll make at least 14 changes next week)
  • Sup ;wave

    What’s the pin for the normal league pls peeps?

  • Literally just seen the other thread

    As you were
  • Lol so after that entire 6 section post above by me, I have changed my team again & none remain from that initial post ;lol

    Although I think this squad will be quite close to what I start the season with.
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    Lukerz, you originally had 14 different players to me. Now we statistically must have close to the same team (yes, I hacked everyones teams earlier on purely from boredom and curiosity ;wink )

    # Good Job! Your first squad smelled like team spirit (I seriously made that up a sec ago as i was originally just going to say it sucked)
  • ;ok

    I did lie, I have kept Cairney, but the other 14 I have changed.

    I've gone with a top level frontline but excluded Kane. Basically got all the main forwards when you take Kane out of the equation. I've included 3 City players & a load of players who I feel have favourable run ins at the start (Palace/Burnley). Managed to get a couple of good midfielders in to add to my front line which took over £30m of my budget.

    Quite happy with what I've got. Also managed to squeeze Walker & Azpilicueta into the side too. ;ok
  • I think this years start to the season will be particularly challenging. I usually use my wildcard early anyway but I don't think I'll be alone this season ;hmm
  • BazBuena said:

    I think this years start to the season will be particularly challenging. I usually use my wildcard early anyway but I don't think I'll be alone this season ;hmm

    If I still have my wildcard chip by GW3 I'm proud of myself ;lol
  • Thats ponderous by my standards ;whistle
  • At oak airport waiting so a quick question...

    Sanchez or Aubameyang? Why?
  • (back from airport)
  • Aubameyang. Because of his hair.
  • Sanchez. Because of his dogs.
  • edited July 2018
    I didn’t really know what you meant, MrsGrey. Then I googled Alexis Sanchez dogs. ;lol


    Edit: can’t get the image to show (I’m on my phone, not computer)
  • Is it the disney/ears one?
  • Thanks, MrsGrey. Amazing photo!
  • Some solid reasoning there that I cant argue with ;doh

    Apparently Shakin' Stevens has the same hat as Sanchez but without the ears...

  • I am a Little disappointed the draft was set up so early. I would have liked to be in the league again but I couldn't get round to Setting everything up in time.
  • edited July 2018
    I think baz extended the draft deadline, Munich?

    From the other thread....
    BazBuena said:

    I have (and can) keep moving the draft date back until we have at least 6 players. Once I see 6 players in the list I'll set a draft date so everyone has sufficient time to either do it live or make sure theyve got their players in draft importance order...

  • edited July 2018
    BazBuena said:

    Some solid reasoning there that I cant argue with ;doh

    Given how badly my 'sensible' reasoning worked out last season, I might give it a try this time round.

    *runs off to google footballers' pets* ;run
  • Munich... The drafts still there. it won't start unless 6 people are in it. I have, as Mrs Grey said, moved the date back and will do so until we get six or the season starts ;thumbsup
  • edited August 2018
    As the last question went down so well ;doh ;whistle

    Another one (and its a controversial one!)

    I have changed my team on a daily basis (ok, hourly sometimes). I have a pool of players I picked out weeks ago (which Gina has adopted - zero research/maximum smarts, women are just brighter in so many ways compared to mere men) and added a couple of names to. Anyway... The question....

    I am thinking of leaving out Salah (I already do not have Kane in my squad and I guess these two are considered the premium big hitters) ;wahoo ;hmm

    My premise is that although I have little doubt he'll do well again, I do doubt he'll achieve the same level of goals i.e. 30+ last year, maybe 15-20 this year and a couple of injuries and rotation with players like Shaqiri.

    So.... for 13M I wondered if say putting Mane in and saving 3.5M (thinking that although Mane has never got 15 in a season he may well do if he actually plays more minutes than in the past) I could make my squad that much stronger depth wise. This 9.5M range of player, for example, could also apply to Sane or Eriksen etc

    Thoughts? (Non Mickey Mouse hat thoughts even more appreciated ;doh )
  • edited August 2018
    I've been wondering the same thing.

    For me, you have to estimate how many goals/assists you would get from Salah + cheap player compared to Mane+slightly more expensive player. (So, effectively, if your £3.5m would buy you a player who would make up the difference points wise between Mane and Salah. A tricky question ;hmm )

    For myself, I'm going to start with Salah and see how it goes. I agree he may get rotated more, and with a busy season + summer behind him, he might be expected to fade in the second half of the season....

    But I just think that without him, I'll fall too far behind other managers. (I suppose I'm saying I can's see how I can 'buy' enough points with the money I save, if that makes sense ;puzzled )

    I'm not bovvered about Kane.
  • I have a feeling that Salah won't be as effective as last year
  • I agree. I think he'll be rotated more, subbed/rarely play 90 minutes but more than those two things, I think he'll be targeted/fouled quickly before hes in ultra dangerous positions. Managers/players will have studied how to either cut off supply or crowd him more. That won't help with dealing with the other Liverpool offensive players but it could see Salahs returns reduced to a point where hes not worth the 13M.

    I do get that not having him when 50% of teams currently do and it'll be unnerving if he bombs points home again. Perhaps having a stronger forward/midfield/defence could make up (in an all round contribution type of way) fr those lost points rather than relying on cheap players in certain positions to make up the difference.

    I really am struggling with this lol
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