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WHU606 Premier League Fantasy Football for 2018-19

Yes its back! The fantasy game that can bring highs, lows and (for me) so, so many why did I do thats!

I will try hard not to make too many TFs and not use my wildcard after GW1 (I think I did so the last two seasons ;lol )

I will also try to not get itchy fingers with the chips too!

It seems a battle between the stingey, cautious TFers and the cavalier, free flowing, devil may care TFers (is that just me?)

I have a draft to watch in 3 minutes but I am sure league codes etc., suggestions to classic, H2H will be added in due course

# will do best not to go into meltdown 2/3s of the way through the season too! ;whistle


  • Fantasy Premier League 2018/19 is here!

    West Ham news...

    Arnie reclassified as a forward @ 7M
    Arthur reclassified as a midfielder @ 4.5M

    and no, I havent made any TFs....Yet ;wink
  • Just me that entered a team today and sorted my draft order out? ;whistle
  • Just finished a draft (public 6 teamer) I was fourth picker out of six. Kane went first, then the second picker chose DeGea over Salah! I thought surely I cant be that lucky and the next picker doesnt take Salah either....

    Ermmm no!

    I didnt get Kane, Salah, Sanchez, Aubangeyang, Aguero, Jesus, Sterling, Sane, De Bruyne, Lukaku, Eriksen, Lacazette, Giroud or Morata

    Now that takes some planning! ;lol
  • This is impressive. Are you planning for 2019/2020 season as well? ;biggrin
  • I didn't say I had settled on my squad of 15 ;whistle Just that I had entered it...

    With the draft in mind I just had a peak and got my players in draft order. All of a sudden it told me the actual draft was minutes away (as 5 others had also very recently joined) So I rolled with it ;wink

    With the 2019/20 season in mind, it totally depends on Payet ;lol
  • What are the codes for the Classic & H2H leagues please?
  • I don't think the league facility is up and running yet.
  • Is there a cheapskates league too
  • It is MrsG as I have just joined my old works leagues. ;ok
  • edited July 2018
    Oh, ok. I'll have another look.

    Maybe because I haven't selected a squad yet, the function isn't available.
  • edited July 2018
    That was it ;ok

    I've set up a H2H: WHU606H2H (imaginatively named ;lol ) For code, see the announced thared ;ok
  • Is there a cheapskates league too

    I'd like to join this ... what rules are we using this season? Any thoughts?
  • I'm in MrsG ;ok

    Not looking good though as I'm already below MidTableMediocrities. ;biggrin
  • I'm in Mrs G, are we having a classic league as well ?
  • If Hernandez leaves (I don’t think he will btw), I’ll have to change my team name completely! I used both Hart and Hernandez as the basis for my name last season.
  • Wouldnt be the worst decision ever Adam ;whistle
  • Haha. I’m thinking something to do with Wilshere but everything points to farming and sheep with his name!
  • I just auto go for 'Jack' instead and then (logically and obviously) follow on to 'I'd rather Jack than Fleetwood Mac. Just how my brain works and at least, since the song came out, Fleetwood actually have a league team now. Simple... ;whistle ;wahoo

    Or wait for Yarmolenko for a 'Yarmo_be_there' handle.

    #Its what I do
  • Cheap n Cheerful league now created - see announcement
  • ‘Logically and obviously’

    Unfortunately Baz, I had to look that one up. Before my time...
  • Going through a very decisive phase... Cheap league team formed/finished within 5 minutes! ;wahoo
  • edited July 2018
    If you hear it on youtube then you'll find it was pretty catchy in a really awful way and totally slated. So it sticks in the memory ;hmm

    (the logically and obviously part was me actually joking ;whistle )
  • It's only decisive if you leave it like that. ;wink

  • That’s definitely step 1 of the 90-step Baz Process ©
  • Bazshuayi said:

    If you hear it on youtube then you'll find it was pretty catchy in a really awful way and totally slated. So it sticks in the memory ;hmm

    (the logically and obviously part was me actually joking ;whistle )

    Yes, I can see that it was 91 on a list of the worst pop songs of all time. ;lol

    I haven’t listened to it yet. Not sure if I want to put my ears through that. Especially if it’s catchy!
  • Oooh you need to Adam... Just before you start picking your fantasy squad ;lol
  • MrsGrey said:

    It's only decisive if you leave it like that. ;wink

    I'll only change it if there's a pre-season injury or an amazing 7.5M player suddenly comes on the market ;wink
  • Masuaku has been reclassified as a MF. ;hmm
  • MrsGrey said:

    Masuaku has been reclassified as a MF. ;hmm

    First comment on this thread ;whistle
  • ;doh

    For some reason, I'd only registered the Arnie part of your comment.
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