London Stadium Season 3 (2018/19) West Ham co-owner David Sullivan is set to step in to try to sort out the impasse surrounding London Stadium.

I saw this a few days ago, but it seemed such a thin article I didn't bother commenting on it.

But in searching for something else, I see ExWHUEmployee has written:
David Sullivan is set to turn his attentions from signing players to working with the stadium contractors to help them reduce their losses and in turn enable us to take more control over what goes on there especially on match days.
So I thought that would be a convenient starting point for an updated thread; ;biggrin


  • Season 3 already!
  • Wait for it, wait for it!
  • Just been called by the club telling me that I'm now top of the list for a season ticket.

    Shame that I've never applied to be on said list

  • Maybe you put yourself on it and then couldn't delete yourself? ;whistle
  • MrsGrey said:

    Maybe you put yourself on it and then couldn't delete yourself? ;whistle

    I read this whilst drinking coffee, laughed so hard that coffee came out of my nose ;lol
  • I got a call and email....well I thought this Pelly chap might reverse our fortunes.....however when I enquired about disabled parking, nothing had improved, but was I allowed to be dropped outside the ground?...but now thats not I have always said I dont expect special tratment just someone safe to get in and out of mobility cuttingly said the lady in the disabled office( nothing against you, your doing your best, please send my priority to MR GOLd and pass of my thanks.....but I wont be buying one!
  • ;wahoo
  • Positive change ;wahoo
  • They may as well just leave the running track uncovered and save a few quid.

  • They would end up having to pay more to replace the running track after numerous studded boots had trampled all over it!
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    Bit of cloth isn't going to help though.
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    The "green" stuff they currently use is astroturf but I'm guessing there's more padding underneath to protect the track. That track was rather expensive...
  • That seems to be a regular occurrence on C&H. ;hmm
  • Preceded by an irate phone call along the lines of:

    'Which bit of "Don't publish that 'til I say so" was too complicated for you?'
  • Classic 'anti' heading from the Beeb:

    Nearly £450,000 of taxpayers' money has been spent trying to find London Stadium sponsor
    How about if they took it out of our £2.5m rent.

    Then it should be:
    West Ham contribute almost £1/2 million to help LLDC find stadium sponsor.
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    The actual headline is

    London Stadium: Search for sponsor of West Ham's home costs nearly £450,000

    I've complained about it. Bias/attempt to present WHU in a negative light. No doubt it will fall on deaf ears. But still.
  • The problem was that the LLDC were told that the naming rights for the stadium were worth £4.8m a year

    Emirates pay about £3.3m a year for naming rights on the stadium, the shirts, the loo paper...
  • "It's taxpayers' money that has been wasted. said Bacon, the Conservatives' leader on the assembly.

    So... he'd rather the LLDC not do anything to sell the naming rights and just hope that someone knocks on the door with a pocket full of cash to hand over?

    Cue: "The LLDc is negligent in not making every effort to get the best value for the taxpayer, when they could be earning £4m a year by selling the naming rights," said Bacon, the Conservative's leader on the assembly.

    I'd say the problem was they believed that, and didn't have anyone with the expertise to challenge it.
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    How hard can it be? You put out tenders for the naming rights and then accept the best one. (Subject to them being fit and proper)
  • South Yorkshire Police waste £400,000 of tax payers money when allowing the BBC to film their raid on the home of Sir Cliff Richard.

    My headline as the BBC wouldn't have wanted to describe it as such. ;biggrin
    (The Beeb got done separately in court today). ;biggrin
  • MrsGrey said:

    The actual headline is

    London Stadium: Search for sponsor of West Ham's home costs nearly £450,000

    I've complained about it. Bias/attempt to present WHU in a negative light. No doubt it will fall on deaf ears. But still.

    Extract from BBC reply to me:

    The use of West Ham in the headline was not intended to offend or display bias but to inform readers, *as West Ham are the most popular and most widely known team who use the stadium it is important to note their involvement with the stadium. If you continue to read to the bottom of the article it is stated, 'It is understood West Ham, who are preparing for their third season at the stadium, have offered to help find a naming rights partner.' Therefore the article aims to bring light to the positive actions the club are undertaking to help buying proceedings.

    (My bold text... I don't agree, actually, as it isn't really germane to the point of the report, which is that the LLDC is being criticized for spending money without success.)

    I suppose I should be grateful they bothered to respond. But they can't pull the wool over my eyes. ;whome

    Bias can be created not only by putting stuff in/leaving stuff out, but also by where you include something. The higher up, the greater the significance within the story, and the greater impact on the reader. The last thing in a news report is the least important, and the first to get cut by an editor if the article needs shortening. Plus many readers don't ever get that far. It's a sneaky way for a writer/editor to say they represented both sides of the story .... but in reality they present the information in a way that is clearly an attempt to prejudice the reader.

    *their punctuation, not mine ;doh )
  • I wonder how much it would cost to have the pitch roll back (like the swimming pool on Tracy island) and Thunderbird 1 launch from underneath?
  • No price would be too high for that. We could crowd-fund it.
  • A brilliant concept should we be losing at half time ;lol
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