A signing has been spotted: Welcome Issa Diop



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    Diop has signed.
  • Ooh,

    an undisclosed Club record fee

  • I'm liking it... Issa yes from me ;whistle
  • Welcome Issa ;ok

    Let's hope he's not like Pellegrini's City CB signings ;lol

    Haven't see any of him, so can't really comment. Young & obviously highly rated to be spending over £20m on him.

    Good luck.
  • MrsGrey said:


    an undisclosed Club record fee


    BBC reporting £22m. Thought Arnie was £25m ;hmm

    Anyway, welcome Issa, hope you do the business
  • Lots of top teams have supposedly been tracking Diop such as Arsenal, Tottenham, Inter and even Barcelona! I don’t think anyone here has seen him play but hopefully he’s good.
  • A big thumbs up ;clap
  • It could be a record fee for an undisclosed fee. ;hmm
  • And quite a few clubs to choose from and came to us, hope it’s the start of many COYI
  • OCS

    There are often different figures quoted for transfers, sometimes net of add-ons, sometimes gross. If Arnie was £20m+£5m, then Diop is either more than £20m net, or more than £25m gross.
  • I did not realise he was captain at Toulouse and he won u19 euro. Championship in 2016 beat8ng Italy 4-0
  • Was so tempted with a pun.....
    But rather, Welcome Issa...
  • Maybe it was a club record for a defender.
  • pun, pun,pun...
  • Bazshuayi said:

    I'm liking it... Issa yes from me ;whistle

    And so it’s started. How about two birds, one stone.

    Issa ti-Di Op-eration to have stolen in ahead of the likes of Barcelona.

    I’ll see myself out...
  • According to my French friend..

    Solid defender, good header, normal quick, he compared him to Kurt Zouma... ;hmm
  • Sky say we paid £22M for him, but Arnie could cost more when the add-ons kick in (£20m he cost last summer).
  • I always like signing guys who were captains at their previous clubs and such a young age to be captain....
  • Bit nervous because of his age and the fact ive never seen him play

    But its an exciting move, he could end up being fantastic

    Hes an abosulte unit and is quite wll thought of from what yiu hear

    Welcome Issa

  • Looks quick and strong. Long, too. And he likes a cross-field pass, this boy
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    ;biggrin (edited due to fruity language)...

    Can’t believe @Everton have just lost out on diop to West Ham!
  • Everton lose out on a lot of players to West Ham, so they should be used to it by now
  • Haven't seen him play, but seems very well regarded. Big, strong, quick, good on the ball, and only 21. Pretty sure he's cost more than every other current defender and keeper put together, but if he lives up to expectations he'll be worth at least twice that in 2 years time.

    Welcome Issa.
  • ;clap Welcome to our great club.
  • Got to be pleased with that, have to have some trust that those in the know have seen him play and recognize his potential.

    Nice show of intent,

    Gets a nice big welcome from me ;ok
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    Welcome, Issa to our beloved West Ham.
    ;scarf ;scarf
  • However much he cost - Issa Diop in the ocean for the Daves coyi
  • Also, nothing from Sullivan quoted anywhere, just the DOF.
  • alderz said:

    Also, nothing from Sullivan quoted anywhere, just the DOF.

    That's because he's working tirelessly on more transfers ;wink
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