England v nigeria and then v Costa Rica (World Cup warm ups)

Nobody done it


  • England 2-1 up
  • Excellent
  • Look forward to next game
  • sums it up really
  • First half we played well, second half was much more disjointed and looked like they took their foot off the gas. I’m concerned about LWB tbh. Rose has been out of form/fitness and Young checks back every single time he gets forward. Otherwise, the side looks pretty decent actually
  • And who gets booked for doing what he does best - the diving diva
  • Looked pretty good in the first half, second half we were dross.
    This performance was against a team who is 150/1 to win the trophy.
    I know it was only a warm up match, but need to do much better.
  • And who gets booked for doing what he does best - the diving diva

    You'll have to be specific, was this the diving diva with the stupid tattoo who turns up late to training, the diving diva who got booed by the Nigerians because he chose to play for England not them or the diving diva who had a bust up with the Nigerian one?
  • In much more important news.....

    Declan Rice got a MOTM award in Irelands win....playing in CM again
  • Interview with Rice he speaks so well... maybe also gave a small indication that he sees himself in MF for us...

  • Declan Rice was awarded MotM when they lost to Turkey and lost to France because the Irish press don't bother rating the opposition players.

    Yesterday the Irish started with just six players from the Premier League (with another on the bench), the rest were from the Championship apart from one who plays for Shamrock Rovers (ex-Villa U23). We all know Rice is quality so its hardly a surprise that he stands out as the star player
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    Can't help feel that it would be better to play our first XI in the final World Cup warm up game. But then, that's probably why they didn't give me the job as England Manager ;hmm
  • I like that he made 10 TFs ;whistle ;wahoo
  • ;lol ;lol
  • Seriously though, via training etc they surely play together enough to know the system and what their places are in it. For me, its a case of having confidence that we have someone who could come in and do just as good a job in most of the positions allied to team spirit/mental strength (outside of the obvious skill levels required) to actually progress a decent way into the tournament. Our youth teams have done really well recently, so they should have experience of what it takes to win and compete as they progress up the levels to senior. The senior side could do with lifting us up too... Showing we are well past Iceland etc and can compete against the stronger teams
  • Not sold by loft us cheek. Seems like his first touch isn’t great. Just not as comfortable as some of our other players for me.
  • I beginning to get a little bit optimistic with Mr Southgate.... ;puzzled
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    I’m actually enjoying an England game......how odd to have that old feeling back ;hmm
    Steady C&B don’t get carried away.....i’ll be starting to think we have a chance at the World Cup ;lol ;lol
  • Listening to hoddle,,, before the 1st goal on long the lines of.
    “ we need to mix up a bit “
    Then rashies hit it in the back of net.
    Also well done to who modified this thread
    2 birds
  • 2-nil that will do
    Bed time
    Nite folks
  • Listening to Hoddle.......do we have to?.......well for the next few weeks on itv’s World Cup coverage we have little choice ;lol ;lol
  • I thought we looked ok. No prima donnas. No Rooneys or others who think it’s their divine right to wear an England shirt. Nice show of pace, patience, and skill. Not perfect, but after that Iceland thing, we know how to win, and more importantly know how to adapt. Very much looking forward to the World Cup. ;diva
  • We’ve always known how to win until it comes to the crunch, then we fall apart.
  • Of course we no how to win, we just have to score more than the opposition,
    and that is where the problem starts.
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