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Speculation, Gossip and Made Up Rumours (approx 1 confirmed transfer every 200 pages)



  • Should have got a testimonial at the very least.
  • Should have got a testimonial at the very least.

    I agree
  • They’ve hit a new low with that stunt
  • I find the story extremely unlikely.
  • Is there any proof any of that happened?
  • ;hmm

    Danny Gabbidon, Ginge's best mate, has said it isn't true (the finding out by email bit).

    So he hasn't got a new contract, but was told in person, it seems.
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    Apparently Ginge has been told by Andy Pincher (Club Sec) that his contract will not be renewed next year, and that his time is up.

    by E Mail.... ;angry

    Could you say where you saw this (now, seemingly debunked) report?

    Just so I can add them to my (probably) not 100% reliable list.

    Edit: don't worry, I looked it up.

    I see (from a quick google) that the 'made up' story was widely circulated via social media and websites, and that fans everywhere were raging on twitter and so on. It seems to have come from talksport, but where they got it from I don't know.

    Meanwhile a quick search reveals this: the
  • At least nobody over-reacted to a complete fabrication, then.
  • I despair at times. Papers make things up and (some) people use anything to damn the board. Before making criticisms why not wait for the facts. if ginge was told in person I hope there are a lot of apology tweets.
    i do however agree he should have a testimonial
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    I've searched Talk Sport website and can see nothing about it.

    One blog/fan site has this

    Seems like nobody at Talk Sport bothered doing any of that oh-so-boring fact checking before venting on twitter.

  • At least nobody over-reacted to a complete fabrication, then.

    It is a surprise, I know. That sort of thing never usually happens on social media.
  • Barney said:

    if ginge was told in person I hope there are a lot of apology tweets.

    And this sort of thing does.

  • Phew
    Glad I said 'apparently' ;biggrin
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    McHammer said:

    Surely the new manager should decide on Ginge. Would be an easy way to get the fans onside. ;doh


    Standard Sport understands that Collins, 34, who has made over 200 appearances for the club, was informed by the board in person this week that, with the approval of the new manager, his contract will not be renewed, before receiving conformation in writing.

    (from that ES report I linked to earlier, and I'm assuming it is just badly written and it means 'subject to the new manager once appointed'... the way it is written makes it sound like the new manager has already approved it)
    McHammer said:

    Would be an easy way to get the fans onside. ;doh

    How's that working out?
  • bbb

    This is the main reason I think it helps to add sources when posting things we've seen/heard.
  • That WHU thing doesn't actually clear anything up.

    Since it is consistent with the ES report, which states that he received written confirmation AFTER being told in person.

  • I don’t think he needs a testimonial I believe he needs and deserves a new contract one year less money job done
  • Hang on a minute, I’m confused. Has his contract run out? If so he free to do whatever he wants without the club’s blessing

    If not, and he is being “released on a free”, then the club would be obliged to pay up the remainder of his contract in full??

    Which is it?? ;hmm
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    I suspect his contract runs out at the end of June.

    I'm basing this purely on Football Manager, of course.
  • They’ve hit a new low with that stunt

    Gonna retract this.....(it should’ve ended with “if true” as well ;doh )

    He was told in person the previous Friday that PL had to have a list and at this point he wasn’t getting a new contract (no matter when it ends) unless the new manager wants him then it changes. The email was a follow up, a formality which had to be done

    Looks like they did it correctly
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    To be fair, I would imagine that this is the time of year that everybody gets told about being released - the youth and schoolboy players, Evra, Hart etc.

    Its just that Collins is a bit of a club icon, has been here for 2 terms, and it was such an own goal on the PR front if it turns out to be true. ( and I suspect that it is for what its worth.) Surely a coaching role ?
  • ExWhu is still going with his opinion and doubting the club

    “The club are insisting he was told first but why would he do the Instagram post that he has and if he was told first why not use the Everton game for him to say goodbye to the fans?!”
  • Wasn’t his reaction at the end of the Everton game one of a person who knew that he had played his last game for the club??... ;hmm
  • I think it is as simple as the club needing to provide the PL with details of the retained list, and without a manager to say he wanted to give Ginge another deal, they had to say he was released.
  • I guess it’s possible you can be told properly in person and then you subsequently get a letter confirming the facts.

    That’s how it works wherever I’ve been employed, with regard to contractual changes. You get told face to face but then company are obligated to put it in writing.
  • Re: what Ex said

    Doesn’t the report say that it’s subject to a new manager coming in, which might explain his Instagram post? Either way, if Gabbidon says it’s not true its almost certainly not
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    Ok , I get it....
    We have no manager in place.
    However whoever seems fit to decide Ginger Pele Collins doesn't fit in to our future plans.....
    That's bloomin typical........or let's at least hope our new manager manages to see some sense
  • If Ginge's contract doesn't run out until the end of June and Premier squads don't have to be announced until the transfer window closes why do they need to confirm that he won't be getting an extension this week?

    Even if the email story isn't true its shows how bad things are that so many people believed it was something that our board/owners/management would be capable of doing.
  • Aslef,

    Maybe to let him go and find another club?
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