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Speculation, Gossip and Made Up Rumours (approx 1 confirmed transfer every 200 pages)



  • Lanzini is still a West Ham player & it's Thursday , a reason to be cheerful .....
  • Did anybody watch Marseille v Athletico Madrid?
    Athletico were all over them!
    Payet did fairly well before going off after getting injured at 32mins. He left the pitch crying.
    The Dutch ref let Marseille get away with nasty tackles for most of the match, but Athletico played good passing football and kept going scoring 3 good goals.
  • I bet Payet is full of regrets now. If he had stuck with West Ham he would have been going to the World Cup Finals with France instead of getting himself injured in a Europa League Cup Final.
  • Or he would have been injured with West Ham anyway?...
  • He wasn’t selected anyway and his injury made no difference
  • Payet got the injury in the Europa League quarter final 2nd leg a month ago and he missed last Friday's game against Guingamp in the French League.
  • Yaya is a certainty if we get Pellegrini
  • Why would Yaya be a certainty? He was signed by Mancini not Pellegrini plus he's been linked with Arsenal. Liverpool, Everton, Burnley, Wolves and Celtic so we're well down the queue.
  • It cannot be denied though that he would fit into the mould of a West Ham signing
  • True we signed Arbeloa, Fonte, Zabaletta and Evra in the last two seasons but at the same time we also signed Haksabanovic, Masuaku and Lanzini when they were under 25.
  • And Haks also fits into the mould of a West Ham player - sign them young and then only seen in the dev squad or on loan somewhere
  • I’ve just read that Ki has left Swansea city so must officially be a free agent?

    Bet sully is all over that...
  • Hope not Baracks , didn't he recently say why would he leave Swansea for West Ham....I mean has he never had pie n mash ;doh
  • Guardian suggest Palace are after Antonio, and say:
    Palace fear that West Ham could place too high a price for them on Antonio
    without even considering that West Ham might laugh at them and say he is not for sale.
  • The Guardian eh! ;biggrin
  • Latest Rumour Pellegrini in - announcement on Monday - 60 million kitty.

    60 million kitty would be a good 40 million below what we need to be spending.
  • The 60 million Kitty is the Diamond enrusted statue that Sullivan will have in his Garden...
  • would 60 million be on top of anything we may re-coup? ie: sell 3 or 4 for £30 million and have £90 million to spend?. This period is going to be perhaps the most important in years
  • We also have to take into account wages and FFP having a £100 mil to spend is fine but we can pay so much in wages
  • yoyo,

    Who are you thinking we will sell to raise £30 million?


    What happens if Palace offer a decent amount for Antonio, some on here have said he has lost his mojo (not me I must add) ;ok
  • If we stopped having such cheap season tickets - by repricing all and especially the very low ones - could possible generate an extra £30m p.a?

    (Are those sums right? I read somewhere we currently generate £32m pa?)
  • Fortuneseeker, I was approximating. If we had a clear out and sold half a dozen or so, regardless of how much they go for, will that be added to the so-called £60 million? I can only dream that for Once we may offer a manager a decent purse rather than spend £30 million but re-coup £12m for a net spend of £18m and no real improvements. There's no way we're going to get a top manager without dangling a decent carrot...... and to be fair to any new manager ,it's about time we did.
  • edited May 2018
    MrsGrey said:

    If we stopped having such cheap season tickets - by repricing all and especially the very low ones - could possible generate an extra £30m p.a?

    (Are those sums right? I read somewhere we currently generate £32m pa?)

    If we raised prices would we sell as many season tickets? Anyway that would only be an option next season as sales have already started
  • The answers are I don't know, and yes ;ok
  • Apparently Ginge has been told by Andy Pincher (Club Sec) that his contract will not be renewed next year, and that his time is up.

    by E Mail.... ;angry
  • Classy after 12 years of service.... ;doh

    Also another opportunity taken to show the fans they don’t get it...
  • Correct me if I'm wrong but the only time Buffon played against West Ham was a pre-season friendly two years ago. Maybe he's watched us on TV......
  • Surely the new manager should decide on Ginge. Would be an easy way to get the fans onside. ;doh
  • This must mean we're signing a centre back.

    Reid, Rice and Ogbonna is all we have. And one of them is made of glass.

    I don't think an appearance-based 12 month contract for Ginge would have hurt the club's finances too much, and would have been a nice gesture, particularly given the relationship between the board and the fans is going to be further strained by how this has been handled.
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