Championship Play-offs & Champions League Final. May bank holiday weekend.

Derby v Fulham tonight, Boro v Villa tomorrow.

Who do you want to win promotion, and is that because you like that club, dislike the others more, or does one of them have players you'd like to see us buy and we'd have more chance if that team fails to get promoted?


  • Don't particularly like Villa as a club, so would prefer them not to make it, although there is some consolation that we might get more for Snodgrass if they do. Fulham have some players we've been linked to, so might be better if they don't make it (although I have nothing against them as a club). Have got to feel that Derby and Boro would probably be weaker than Villa or Fulham should they come up, so I suppose I'm supporting Derby tonight and Boro tomorrow.
  • Fulham just hit the bar
  • And theyve just missed a great opportunity

    Should be back in this
  • Don't want Pullis back in the Prem.
  • Have no major preference regarding any of them and I will be pretty happy with any combination.

    I understand the excitement generated by the play offs but at the end of the day, Fulham ended up thirteen points ahead of Derby and only missed out on promotion by two points,

    So purely on merit, I will be rooting for them
  • I will be get behind Fulham purely because I run a pub in derby and the banter is quite good, whenever we get beat and I get ridiculed I always say bet you wish they’d beaten you instead of still being in the championship and being beat lol
  • I've had a soft spot for Villa, partly because they wear similar shirts to us, partly because like us they have history but mostly because they're a team from the UK's second biggest city who aren't City.
  • A friend of mine, a West Ham ST holder, lives and works in Derby. She says a lot of the Derby fans in her office aren't overly worried about getting into the Prem as they think it will be a struggle to survive.
  • IronHerb said:

    A friend of mine, a West Ham ST holder, lives and works in Derby. She says a lot of the Derby fans in her office aren't overly worried about getting into the Prem as they think it will be a struggle to survive.

    A lot in the pub I run say the same IronHerb worry about there aging squad and Rowetts tactical nouse
  • Fulham fans have clackers!

  • Villa v Fulham. Definitely want Villa as they'll probably take Snodgrass off our hands
  • And you SHALL go to the ball....
  • Prefer Fulham, but not that keen on either.
  • Villa for me. I've got long standing Brummie mates who are Villa mad, they wear the right colours & most importantly of all ,one or two of the Fulham players I wouldn't mind signing for us.
  • I am just pleased that it is between third and fourth, I have no real preference but as a fan, I always enjoyed Villa as an away fixture.
  • Me too Chicago, it’s a great ground.
  • Fulham for me. With very few exceptions always want a Southern team to do well.
  • Fulham for me also.
  • Fulham as they are less danger to us in the long term.

    Villa are a massive PL level club and will threaten us.
  • Always the London club for me (unless it's Spuds).
  • I'd rather Fulham went up, but I want Fredericks and possibly Cairney (Sessegnon is a dream too far) and that's far more likely if Fulham remain in the Champo.
  • Fulham as a london club also i cannot stand that brummie accent ;biggrin
  • All right ham ya
  • Fulham have "clappers"

    When Birmingham City gave the home fans clappers for the Villa game Steve Bruce called them "ridiculous"

    I'm definitely supporting Villa
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    Either team for me, don't mind which. Didn't really want any of the 4 teams in the playoffs to come up, as I was rather hoping Preston to nip in to the playoffs to come up.

    Should be a good game though, Aston Villa vs Fulham at Wembley.
  • Supporting the Scousers this evening.

    Klopp is thrilled ;biggrin
  • What did I do in this world to deserve david pleat as co commentator ....
    Well anyway come on Liverpool ..
  • The crowd noise is so loud on BTSport we can’t hear Glen Twaddle ;biggrin
  • Salah off injured, big blow to Liverpool.
  • Yeah, he’s their key player. With him coming off they lose a lot of pace.

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