Midweek games not involving us Tues/Weds

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    Ah how nice to be able to relax on a lovely warm evening and watch over two sides (neither of whIch is us) fight for their premier league lives
  • baracks

    Exactly what I was thinking. ;ok
  • Baraks ;ok
    The pressure is off, how fantastic is that ;wahoo
  • Come on you Swans
  • I'd like a draw but failing that I want Swansea to win.
  • I just want to see Hughes relegated twice in the same season
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  • Complete inconsistency of reffing by Oliver there, if Ki (rightly) gets booked, then so should Hojbjerg be.
  • Once again I am left to reflect that getting most of our money back for Ayew was spectacularly good business.
  • Getting sympathetic echoes of how I felt during the Leicester game watching this.

  • Once again I am left to reflect that getting most of our money back for Ayew was spectacularly good business.

    I was thinking that too. On top of that gettIng £8m for Ashley fletcher who, if I’m not mistaken, spent the second half of the season getting relegated with Sunderland.
  • Indeed, but they are very poor at holding on to leads.
  • How did we concede four to Swansea?They're dreadful going forward
  • We were dreadful at the back.
  • It was during their great run of home form, but even so, you do have to wonder.
  • I blame Curbs, he might have been in the studio when that game was being played.
  • Lively start at Leicester.
  • Lee Mason not covering himself in glory.
  • Marcos Alonso channeling his inner James Milner, but putting the ball into the opponent's net. FF points ;wahoo
  • Arsenal lost every away league game this year.
  • Huddersfield !!!
  • Yes, less than 20% possession and 1 shot
  • Spurs guaranteed top four.
  • Nice send off for Yaya although a tad cringey
  • A little out of the loop at the minute, but seeing the news briefly this morning, and catching snippets of the sports news, what did Huddersfield win last night?
  • Drew respect the point
  • North of £100m, which is not to be sniffed at.
  • North of £100m, which is not to be sniffed at.

    When you put it like that. The TV money seems the be all and end all now. Shame.
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    I don't think it is the be all, but it doesn't hurt.

    I've got a mate who is a long time Huddersfield fan.

    Some years ago he stopped going, and decried the way the money was killing football, and he was no longer interested etc.

    This season he was spotted sporting his signed Terriers shirt, and very much interested again.

    Prior to their promotion season (for around the last 25 years), they mustered average crowds of between 10-15 000.

    In their promotion season they averaged 20 000.

    This season it has been 24 000, pretty much capacity.

    There are clearly a hardcore of fans who will go to games wherever Huddersfield end up, but also, it would seem, a lot more who are only interested if the team are doing well/in the PL.

    So, by ensuring PL for next year, Huddersfield won an extra 10 000 or so on the gate, and the chance to attract fans who might otherwise not have bothered.

    Perhaps some of those will end up being their hardcore fans of the next generation.
  • Would have been interesting what crowds we could actually have pulled if we did go down

    BG was pretty much capcity the last time we went down....but given everything happening with the club I wouldnt be surprised if our average was less than £40k

    There is an allure about the premier league, even if you lose a lot more 'staying up' then you do getting promoted
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