Sir Alex in Hospital

I’ve not seen anything else about this, and I think it’s significant enough to warrant its own thread.

Sir Alex had surgery yesterday for a brain haemorrhage. I’m sure we all wish him well.


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    Alex Ferguson rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.

    Never particularly liked the man, but thoughts go out to him and his family.
  • Wish him all the best
  • Yeh, thoughts for him and his family, hope he has a speedy n full recovery.
  • Jay - speedy recovery it is not and rarely a full recovery is made, normally 85% - 90% is best expected. Given his age think it will be around 75% with the expert care he will receive.

    Let's hope the media etc. leave him alone to get the rest and recuperation he will need.
  • AdMeus ;ok..
    May him and his family have the strength to cope with what awaits..
    Thoughts with him and family.
  • This does deserve its own thread Ald ;ok

    A hemorrhagic stroke is a major event. You hope it was witnessed and treatment was swift.

    As a football manager he was the best I’ve seen in my life time, the fact it was with ManUtd meant I disliked him a lot.

    May his recovery be text book and uneventful.

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