Other games (from last weekend) and European matches.

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    I wonder if Everton fans are deluded too
  • Makes me laugh how defensive he gets when questioned on ‘style of play’.
  • Yes from 5th bottom to top 8 does make you wonder what fans really want when there winning inherited someone else’s squad and moved them up the league be careful what you wish for
  • Thirty points achieved since he took over puts them 6th place for number of points gained since November Ay ho sam out
  • Alderz

    Doesn't he have a point, though?

    Everton didn't set up defensively, they just couldn't carry out basic moves like passing to each other, and that has to be down to the players, doesn't it? (It's not like they can't actually do those things, so that they need coaching in them.)

    Bolasie in particular had an absolute 'mare.

    Newcastle set up to stifle Everton, but Rafa remains a tactical genius.

    I would say that a lot of Everton fans are deluded; they are another set of fans with a totally unjustified sense of entitlement.

    They were rubbish when Sam took over, and now they could finish 8th.
  • I'm slightly baffled, so it may be that I've missed the announcement:

    when Lanzini went down before contact against Stoke, he was pilloried by the press, investigated, and got a 2 match ban.

    On Sunday, Sterling won a penalty having clearly been going to ground before there was any contact.

    This was noted by the commentary team, and discussed in the studio, with the general feeling being once a defender dives in, he's in trouble. No one suggested Sterling dived, although, since he was goign down before contact, I don't see what else you can call it, and it isn't, afaIk, being reviewed.
  • Mo Salah ;bowdown
  • The dude is the real deal...
  • Hes unbelievable.....

    Obiously has to do it more than just one season, but if he can he should be among the big 2
  • You have to wonder if the Roma manager has done any homework, he could not have set his team up to suit the opposition more.

    As I type Liverpool score a third.
  • 4-0

    Double figures anyone?
  • And a 4th

    Roma truely are shocking

    But that front 3

    Favourties for the cup imo

  • Not sure about favourites but in with a shout.

    By the way, we played better than Roma have and still lost 4-1.
  • 5-0

    Roma are being murdered live on TV... If this was boxing you’d throw in the towel.

    How on earth did they beat Barca?
  • Oooo 5-1

    Away goal....
  • Penalty to Roma.

    Game on. ;lol
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    Fabulous game for the neutral ;wahoo
  • I don’t want it too end...
  • That reminds me of when we beat Burnley 5-3 a few years back. 5-0 up and screaming at the ref to blow for time.
  • And to think Mo Salah was one of their's until last summer ;lol

    Grey, you said you were baffled - let me explain.
    Lanzini plays for West Ham (owned by porn purveyors),
    Sterling plays for Man City (owned by the deputy prime minister of the UAE, the government of which continues to violate fundamental human rights)

    Simples ;ok
  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43883201

    I wonder if any action will be taken against the clubs over this - ooh, look at that pig up there! ;biggrin
  • Roma captain Daniele De Rossi accuses Liverpool of using 'long ball' tactics!

    Stamps feet, Not fair ;weep ;weep

  • It was effective hoofball. Roma's tactics encouraged Liverpool to hoof it over their defence. If they do the same next week, Liverpool will stuff them.
  • So, either Roma knew that is how they would play, and set up as they did anyway

    or, Roma realised that was how they were playing, and failed to adjust to the tactics.

    Either way, it says nothing good about Roma
  • ;lol

    The could have used Hoofball, shortball, baseball or pinball Liverpool would have spanked them...

    Not often I side with the Scousers but Mr De Rossi is being a bit silly..
  • Wednesday May 2nd

    Roma v Liverpool second leg.

    Hoping this is as entertaining as the first game.
  • Mane scores for Liverpool.

    Rom 2-6 Liv

    It’s over as a contest.

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    Roma score.

    Bounced in off Milner ;lol

  • Who does agent Milner play for again?
  • Sorry, but IMHO
    I'd sooner Liverpool
    Win than Roma, while I might not love them, I have no affiliation with Italy, so come on Liverpool.
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