Other Weekend Matches 14th-15th April

So Sparky has finally got Southampton to play his 'kicking' game. Fired up they take the lead and then Long gets 'done' by Alonso and Sparky goes bonkers. Always good to see. ;biggrin


  • Southampton 1 up I hope Chelsea get their act together soon
  • Not sure I agree with this saints game plan. There’s a difference between playing hard but fair and then just playing hard. They have been so late on so many tackles.
  • And chelsea haven't?
  • Not in my opinion. Couple of ‘feet left in’ moments which is completely understandable given the Saints’ approach.
  • But if you can’t beat them, kick them.
  • 2-0. Chelsea are awful.
  • Courtois hasn't got a clue ;doh
  • The way Chelsea’s players throw in the towel every other season is an absolute disgrace. This is why I’m against changing manager again and again. Players get too comfortable and know the manager will be out if they stop trying.
  • Very soft foul leading up to that 2nd goal.
  • 2-0. Chelsea are awful.

    Chelsea are excellent.
  • Can I have one of those towels please? ;wink
  • Always liked the way Chelsea’s players fight to the bitter end, year in and year out. They’re a credit to their club.
  • I mean, as if I didn’t despise Chelsea enough, they have gone out of their way to make me look utterly stupid.
  • Here here! 2-3!!!
  • Chelsea fans singing "that's why you're going down".
  • Someone is going to get sent off, I'll wager.
  • Phfff STH were worrying me their for a second....

  • Hughes weaving his magic again
  • Excellent use of reverse gear, Jorderz.

  • Beat Stoke and they both down I believe as somebody said get him in at West Brom and he will have the hat trick lol
  • My brother just text me from UK asking for forgiving him cheering Chelsea , I replied asking him If he'd not heard me singing the name Giroud.....
    But a very good result in this game for us...
  • As a bonus, not only did Soton lose, but they lost when they thought they were going to win. Horrible result for them, would have been so much easier (for them ;biggrin) if they had just lost 1-0.
  • I certainly felt conflicted but could not help myself, I was joyous when the Saints went two up against Chelsea, and then it all went wrong.

    However, the end result was in our favor so..............

  • Chicago, while I don't like certain teams, if it's in our benefit then it's a easy choice, even tho I won't revel in Chelsea's win !... ;ok
  • Mixed emotions with the Huddersfield win. Although it now means if we beat Stoke, we leapfrog into 12th.
    Unfortunately, most times this season we've stuttered when we've had the opportunity to make some real progress up the table.
  • A win against stoke is now crucial. It would give those around us an unsympathetic slap around the face. Brighton look to be in with a right old fight with their run in.
  • edited April 2018
    BT is rubbish.

    Song for Owen Hargreaves - What's luck got to do, got to do with it ;quaver
  • Spurs 2 nil down after ref gave a penalty for a foul on Sterling a foot outside the box, shame ;biggrin
  • So Jon Moss gives a penalty for a tackle 2 feet outside the box so that he doesn't have to send Lloris off. ;doh
  • I think I need my eyesight looking at, I didn't even notice. ;lol
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