This weekend: the most important match in the known universe. Twice.

As we know, the Manchester Derby and the Liverpool Derby are each the most famous, most important, most fantastic game that ever was and ever will be. ;bowdown

And today Manchester City could wrap up the PL title. Against Manchester United. ;wahoo

Are there enough hyperboles in the world to do it all justice? ;fence

And it's LIVE. ;nolan



  • The Liverpool Derby was a very drab affair.
  • Let's hope for more from the 'derby of derbies' ;doh
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    I can see the 'derby of derbies' being just as much of a drab affair. If Mourinho thought he could get away with putting all 11 players on the goal line for 90+ minutes, he would.
  • Surely Liverpool v Man U has been promoted to the status of Super Derby above all others?

    Although that may only be when they actually play each other. ;biggrin
  • ManU draw level. They could be the party poopers today.
  • Some more scenes.
  • This is actually a cracking game ;yercoat
  • What larks!

    Much more fun than the Merseyside derby. ;wahoo
  • Ok, the not so drab 'Derby of all Derbies.' ;lol
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    Fair play to Man U , gave them no chance at HT and yet they did the business and how in 2nd half.
    Other results at our end of table, not all results I wanted but no way bad at all
    IMO it could have been far far worse....
  • All the results went our way today, only exception being Newcastle.

    Hopefully Saints lose tomorrow. If that happens and we somehow manage to beat Chelsea we’re allbut safe.
  • I'm not sure if Gary Neville needs his eyes fixing because I am pretty sure Fernandinho caught the ball and not Lingard.
  • GNev was shockingly biased tonight. He was also hoping that the players kicked lumps out of each other. See why he didn't make it as a coach.
  • IronHerb said:

    GNev was shockingly biased tonight.

    I disagree. It was clear he was a Man U fan, he was very open about that. (We all know it anyway, so it would be stupid t pretend otherwise.)

    But in terms of his commentary on events, I thought he was quite fair. He was equally critical of (for example) poor defending by both sets of players. When a man U player committed a foul, or was lucky to escape without a yellow card, he said so.

    My idea of a biased pundit/commentator is one who judges the two sets of players by different standards.

    I don't think he did that at all.
  • Well played Manchester United, as for Manchester fluffed up and as far as i’m concerned a very big thank you ;clap ;clap
  • Did you mean to post a :-) in response to my last post?
  • 7 changes to the Arsenal side that played on Thursday. Hope the team they put out is still strong enough to beat Southampton.
  • 1-0 Southampton :(
  • Chelsea game could possibly be the only PL home win this weekend
  • Shane Long, the man who never scores.
  • Cech and Mustafi as the new Chuckle Bros

    To me, to you........Oh dear
  • The Arsenal team that Wenger has put out won’t help teams in the relegation fight, surely he owes it to them to put out a strong side, after all they do have a comfortable lead over the Russians.
  • Cannot believe how bad Arsenal are at defending. Southampton could have scored 3 easily.
  • MrsGrey said:

    Did you mean to post a :-) in response to my last post?

    Sorry no I didn’t MrsGrey a slip of finger on touch screen ;doh
  • Saints look a bit better than they did last week
  • This is just who can defend the worst.
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