Liverpool v Citeh - Champs League quarter final (might inc the other fixtures too)

Citeh team bus attacked by Liverpool fans. I wonder how the press will deal with this? I imagine not with the same faux disgust and over the top outrage in which they dealt with us hammers.

Looking forward to Citeh taking the Scousers apart.


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    Remember the horror, outrage, hysteria and pearl-clutching when Man U's team bus encountered rowdy behaviour before the last game at the Boleyn?

    Let's see how the press and joe public react to this...

    City’s bus has arrived and intrepid journalist Des Kelly has been to have a look at it: it seems that, in addition to paper cups, the chucked missiles included bottles and other objects propelled with sufficient force to shatter a window or two.
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    That was from the Grauniad's live coverage of the game.

    BBC has no pictures, and all they have to say about it in their live website coverage (text) is
    The Manchester City team bus was damaged while making its way through those crowds to Anfield.Nobody was injured, but the bus has been rendered undriveable for tonight and a replacement will be needed for the trip home. Liverpool are expected to issue a statement apologising and have apologised at boardroom level.
    Then they more swiftly on to some Klopp pre-match interviewing stuff.
  • Vomit inducing coverage on BTSport.
  • "I know that is not Liverpool" said Pep. Oh but it is so Liverpool, granted normally when they are on the road, but still so Liverpool.
  • Liverpool fans have been making threats since the draw about how they are going to intimidate the team and fans. A mini bus carrying women and kids was bricked at the league fixture and not one window was intact.

    Nothing at all about it in the press.
  • The ref has to be strong tonight and not be influenced by crowd.
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    Salah puts Liverpool ahead but it looked off side.

    Citeh could have defended it better though.
  • Liverpool 2 - 0 Citeh

    Fabulous goal by The Ox ;nonono
  • Liverpool remind me of us on Saturday. ;whistle
  • Now 3-0. What did I say? ;biggrin
  • There will be no mention of the coach being attacked tomorrow, unlike when it happened at our ground, where it was non stop, wall to wall coverage.
  • City look awful

    But they did at anfield in the league, 4-1 wouldve flattered them let alone 4-3

    Dont know why everyone is so surprised....
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    Trent Alexander Arnold going to nail that Full back spot for England soon i think.
  • City look awful

    But they did at anfield in the league, 4-1 wouldve flattered them let alone 4-3

    Dont know why everyone is so surprised....

    Well not you, not with the benefit of hindsight.

  • ;nonono what just happened
  • suz ;ok (great minds think alike ;biggrin )
  • Gotta say, it's very enjoyable to watch.

    I saw an article along the lines of Pep saying 'of course we aren't going to go more defensive, we play how we play; if I changed our system my players would think I didn't trust them.'

    Well, so far THAT'S come back to bite him on the bottom.
  • edited April 2018 Getting its own story in the Guardian.

    Although is anyone else a bit nonplussed by this:

    Jurgen: There was a lot of talk about it before. We tried everything to avoid it. We had to take another way.

    Merseyside police had earlier in the day released a statement saying both teams’ coaches would take a different route than normal to Anfield, a route which they included on their website.

    “Fans attending the Liverpool FC v Manchester City FC match on Wednesday, 4 April are advised .... to ensure the safety of fans, they will instead travel along Arkles Lane, passing The Arkles pub before turning right onto Anfield Road.”


    Don't tell 'em your name, Pike.
  • There are only two routes into the new players entrance in Anfield Road. Once they said it was changing the new route would be obvious but going past the pub was somewhat silly.
  • Be interesting to see the outcome of the bus incident as this game comes under that control of EUFA.
  • It will be a slap on the wrist and don't do it again response.
  • Suz, no hindsight needed, easiest bet i'v won in a while, got odds at 2.2/1 as well so happy days
  • For a bit of balance, here's what the Grauniad had to say about the Man U bus incident.

    The main difference is that there were some incidents during the game.
  • Would be so funny is City come back and win... Liverpool fans are such a pain in the backside normally this morning they a are unbearable, I would prefer to talk to Piers Morgan....

    On the bus thing, it's not the Police or clubs fault it's the morons doing it...
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    Interesting comparison.

    The Liverpool story - 12 paragraphs, of which 5 mention or focus on the bus. Headline focuses more on the result of the game.

    West Ham story - 13 paragraphs, of which 13 mention or focus on the bus. Headline focuses only on the bus.

    (Note that in both cases there were separate articles elsewhere on the Guardian website, reporting the actual match.)
  • Bus aside, Liverpool slam dunked City.

    Alexander Arnold and Oxlade looked good. I think both of them should be on the plane to Russia.

    Took Klopp a while but Robertson turning into a great buy for Liverpool. Really does look like he is moulding Liverpool into a Dortmund like team, I reckon with a good Summer window they will be pushing City next year for the title more than any other club.
  • Mrs G

    I meant to say how much I liked your ‘pearl clutching’ comment and have managed to use it four times today.

  • One thing about Alexander-Arnold is that he was torn apart by Zaha recently, and Rashford had him on toast. He’s definitely a prospect, but he’s far from the finished article imo
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    That comparison could be a very good topic for an article by Jacob Steinberg in the Grauniad or Martin Samuel (I don't want to say the name of the rag he writes for).
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