F1 2018 Thread

Thought I'd start a thread for the new F1 season, Qualifying underway for the first race down in Australia.


  • Big crash for Bottas in Q3, but Hamilton takes pole 6 tenths ahead of the 2 Ferraris with Raikkonen just ahead of Vettel.
  • Poor strategy by Mercedes, Hamilton was unaware that he was more than a safety car pit stop behind Vettel and was leapfrogged by Vettel who pitted when the Haas stopped on track.
  • Oh well onwards to the next Grand Prix ;ok
  • A lesson in driving from Vettel who with Bottas behind and lacking the experience of Hamilton to put him under real pressure was able get an extra 10 laps out of his tyres simply by driving well within the limits of them. Merecedes strategy this time a lot better and considering Hamilton’s 5 place grid penalty for a gearbox change, the damage of a second successive victory for Vettel was minimised some what. Vettel I think this season will have learnt hard lessons from his meltdown last season and it will be harder for Hamilton to retain the Drivers Championship ;ok
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