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The 'Couldn't think where to put this' thread part 2 or 'does my comment merit a NEW THREAD?'



  • It must be a bit of a drag to be a West Ham and England rugby + cricket supporter right now...
  • England gotta ;lol ;lol
  • And for something a little scarier:

    Check the last paragraph under the heading:
    Failed legal action against The Sunday Times

    However, I think this story did the rounds at the time and Sully, I believe, was exonerated of any wrongdoing. Just shows you can't be too careful.
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    Something that's been playing in my mind recently... does anyone think Antonio plays better when he is the big fish in a small pond.

    With Arnie playing much better under Moyes, perhaps it's taken Antonio out of the limelight a bit. I'm not even sure myself on this one but just thought it's worth a discussion (and doesn't merit its own thread imo).
  • I think he does but there again so does Arnie.
  • Couple of ex-hammers played for the same team in a mexico a few weeks back, can you name them?
  • Ravel Morrison and I would guess at Pable Barrera
  • ;barrera
  • Goals for Lanzini and Arnie (2). ;clap
  • Boat Race just about to start
  • Great start by Cambridge, race over?
  • edited March 2018

    The govt wants workers to be paid at a certain level - and that level is higher than the minimum wage. As set by, erm, oh yes, the government.

    So to realise this aim, the Sports Minister will put pressure on Premier League clubs to voluntarily pay the higher rate.

    Am I missing something here? ;hmm

  • Arthur and three other players have walked out of the DR Congo squad after a dispute over the team flight to Tanzania.

    On the plus side there's no chance of him getting injured on international duty so he'll be good for Saints
  • He could have done with the game time though.

    The quartet headed back to their clubs while team mates, similarly angered by long flight delays, no training facilities and poor quality accommodation, agreed to stay and play the match only if the Congolese federation (Fecofa) promised to improve arrangements for their next internationals.

    Well if the shambolic arrangements meant he would otherwise have been delayed returning, or in poor condition, I'm glad he left early.
  • edited March 2018
    So, Bairstow made his century but lost Leach so took a chance with Anderson in and was out for 101, England reaching 307 from 94-5. 3 early wickets has NZ at 17-3, so game on.
  • 17-4 ;biggrin
  • 32-4 at lunch
  • 36-5 ;biggrin
  • ;ccole has announced his playing days are over ;hug
    What an absolutely smashing bloke on and off the pitch, and a Westham hero.
  • edited March 2018
    I'll never forget him coming on for Bellamy against Middlesborough in 2007 I think it was. Bellamy was injured quite early on, Carlton came on and first time he touched the ball he literally tripped over it. Groans all around the Dr Martens stand. First half was typically Bambi on ice. Second half he was a man transformed, got an assist for a cracking through ball to Bowyer I think it was and another for forcing an own goal with ball across the box. Crowd was suddenly calling for everyone to pass to him, what a contrast to the first half.

    Finished 3-0, with Deano adding a 3rd.
  • Anyone watching the boxing? Brutal finish to the Price fight, hope he's OK.

    AJ up next.
  • We are watching it.

    Price was out for the count way before he hit the deck.
  • AJ definitely looks better coming in a bit lighter than his last fight.
  • Can't help feeling the ref is a bit quick to get between them.
  • A bit quick!

  • Comfortable win on points for AJ, his 100% stoppage record goes but he remains undefeated and adds another belt.
  • edited March 2018
    On this performance Fury or Wilder would beat AJ. He reminds me of a better version of Audley Harrison. I'm just very happy I didn't pay for it. ;lol

    Although the ref didn't help. He needs a big improvement.
  • Remains to be seen if Fury is ever a force to be reckoned with again, but I agree it wasn't the most authoritative performance we've seen from AJ. That said, it was still a comfortable win, maybe he boxed to a game plan to some extent.

    At least we've got GGG v Canelo II to look forward to, without Bird scoring it this time.
  • ;ccole has announced his playing days are over ;hug
    What an absolutely smashing bloke on and off the pitch, and a Westham hero.

    Legend, imo ;bowdown

    I think we should retire his emoji. ;biggrin
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