Burnley at home - 10th March - Match Thread

I know, I know, I've never even managed a draw so far, but the law of averages says we'll win this one

COYI ;goal COYI ;scarf COYI ;goal COYI


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    Collins/Rice - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Byram - Noble - Kouyate - Mario - Antonio

    Adrian, Collins/Rice, Zabaleta, Evra, Cullen, Chicharito, Hugill


    Byram - Collins - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Antonio - Noble - Kouyate - Lanzini

  • Hart
    Collins- Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Byram - Noble - Rice - Antonio
    Arnautovic - Hernandez
  • Dont trust Byram defensively, also feel like Rice would offer more protection tha Kouyate

    Collins Ogbonna Cressy
    Zaba Noble Rice Lanzini Antonio
    Arnie Hernandez
  • (revisited my old Burnley thread and rehashed a couple of my favourite lines plus added one)

    Fresh from Defour one defeat by Swansea. I hope that humbling proVokes a reaction We Nkoudou no worse than that surely!

    One things for sure, Barnes and Noble will get ‘booked’ ;run
  • Adrian
    Collins Og Cress
    Zab Noble Kouyate Rice Antonio

    I can't understand why others have gone with Hart in goal. Imo he can't be trusted. There's no excuse for his mistake after mistake (it's not "one-off" mistakes). I know Adrian has been a bit ropey recently but for me he is unquestionably the better goalkeeper out of the two.

    Burnley are very physical. We struggled to deal with Swansea's set pieces so we'll need to work on that in the week so those mistakes don't happen again.

    Winning the midfield will also be crucial for this one. I'd play Rice in midfield (imo his best position) to tighten things up. Especially because Noble & Kouyate struggled to offer anything defensively against Swansea. Hopefully Collins and Ogbonna are fit to deal with the aerial threat of Chris Wood.

    Need to utilise Antonio as he can turn defence to attack quickly. Also the Lanzini to Arnie partnership was effective only a few weeks ago so hopefully that could work again. If not, Moyes needs to make changes early before it's too late.

    If things aren't working for Lanzini, we need to take him off asap for Hernandez or Mario. No point leaving it to 75 mins into the match.
  • Hoping that Collins and Oggy are back, give our defence a hint of solidity. And wondering if it`s time to unleash Hugill, inject a little bit of enthusiasm into the team. Could do with something. From what I have seen of Mario, I don`t think he is as exciting a player as I would have hoped, but at least he looks like a footballer.


    Oh well. ;scarf
  • Vital. Our most important game of the season. It's funny, a week or two back we were looking relatively safe & they were in free fall. They are now serious Europa League contenders & we are getting dragged back into the mire. With that in mind, everyone needs to get behind the team on Saturday & as much as I'm no fan of the board (see other thread) I really hope there's no march. We need to be West Ham UNITED on Saturday. COYI!!!!!
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    I expect with the march happening combined with if we lose to Burnley the atmosphere inside the stadium is going to get nasty very fast. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near the stadium when the final whistle goes if that happens.

    I can't see us in the space of a week suddenly turning it on to beat Burnley not after back to back 4-1 defeats. I don't think 1 point is enough, 3 points has to be the minimum hell even 3 points isn't probably enough need to bag a couple goals and get that goal difference below 15 to keep ahead of the rest below.
  • I expect the combination of the march taking place and us winning the stadium will be a great place to be.
  • In my opinion we have to improve dramatically in terms of closing down the opposition. It starts from the front and I don't think we can afford the luxury of having both Hernandez and Lanzini who rarely get close to pressing. For me it has to be Lanzini because he is so much better at keeping possession and making a pass. We will need height for defending corners as we were completely undone at Swansea so Antonio has to start and hopefully Ogbonna and Collins will be back.

    Zab/Collins, Ogbonna, Cresswell
    Byram, Noble, Kouyate, Rice, Antonio
    Lanzini, Arnautovic

    coyi ;scarf
  • Welovethehammers

    Just coming back on the point on Hart

    So it’s ok to drop him to the bench when he conceded lots of goals, yet Adrian is exempt if he does likewise??

    That all sounds a bit inconsistent and non-meritocratic to me... ;hmm
  • Its the way we roll baracks ;scarf
  • It’s not about how many goalkeepers concede, it’s about how many goals they could have done better at keeping out. Hart was making a quite a few ‘errors’ before he was dropped. I don’t think Adrian has made many errors even though we’ve concede a lot.
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    So Palace are away to Chelsea next and Stoke are playing Man City. What a chance to pull 6 points clear with a victory. Really need to do it.
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    I think Hart (who I was critical of in the season when he was playing) warrants a chance now. Adrian should’ve ‘done better’ with a couple of goals recently. Maybe no glaring mistakes, but his level has dropped slightly from what it was around the new year. I think Hart will have benefitted from an extended break and come back with a point to prove ahead of the WC. Only my view. Just feel after Hart for dropped for that Everton game it is only fair to drop Adrian after a few under-par performances.
  • Adrian had a poor game on Saturday and was at fault, imo, for the first 3 goals.
  • The problems with defending corners starts from the GK. I think Hart is more confident in this area. If we choose/drop outfielders for specific types of game (eg Ginge for heading ability=in, Evra's slow=out) then why not Goalkeepers?
  • IronHerb said:

    Adrian had a poor game on Saturday and was at fault, imo, for the first 3 goals.

    I thought he was also at fault for two at Liverpool as well.
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    You're probably right.
  • Yes, Adrian didn't have a good game, but you have to look at the defense in
    front of him, unfortunately there wasn't one. You can't expect to get a clean
    sheet if the defending is dreadful.
  • I think we've got to be fair here - Hart was dropped for a poor run of form. If we apply the same principles to Adrian, then Hart deserves another chance in my opinion.
    He will certainly have something to prove ;ok
  • I think if we're being fair then Hart should have another go, as Adrian has drifted back into his erratic self IMO.

    Whatever the case, we really need a new goalkeeper in the summer.
  • If we go down we won't have either of them. ;whistle
  • Hammerex said:

    Yes, Adrian didn't have a good game, but you have to look at the defense in
    front of him, unfortunately there wasn't one. You can't expect to get a clean
    sheet if the defending is dreadful.

    The defence Hart had in front of him earlier in the season wasn't much better.
  • I don't recall Adrian doing anything so stupid as kicking the ball straight to an opponent (Rooney) while he himself was outside of the area. ;hmm
  • that's because he missed the ball when firmino scored ;whistle
  • I don't recall Adrian doing anything so stupid as kicking the ball straight to an opponent (Rooney) while he himself was outside of the area. ;hmm

    How about standing behind the goal line for the 2nd Swansea goal which was headed in from the 6 yard line?
    Don't get me wrong I'm an Adrian fan but he was poor on Saturday and not great the previous week.
  • Ref appointed - Lee Mason.
  • Easy enough to blame the keepers but the fact we have 5 defenders and 3 or 4 midfielders infront of them and yet we get carved apart time after time is the real worry

    Adrian is poor at corners granted but can imagine with the last minute injuries to Oggy and Collins plus Reid going off early didn't help our set up. Also any update on those injuries so far? Imagine Reid is out for a while

    This is the definition of must win, Burnley aren't much away from home

    We need pace on the pitch, so Antonio, Arnie and Lanzini all need to start at the very least

    Is Masuaku back for this?

  • Is Masuaku back for this?

    No. One more game to sit out.
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